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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ransomed Dreams by Amy Wallace

Yet again, I'm part of a blog tour, which means folks have probably read dozens of interviews with Amy and read summaries of her book. So here you are...

I really liked question 3: When you read Jeremiah 31:3 about God's everlasting love, what does that stir up in you? If we lived like we believed this verse, how would our actions show it?

For me, this is such an important verse, because so many times, it's easy to question God's love. Certainly, I saw the characters in this story growing through that question. In the questions they asked, it ultimately boiled down to: Does God love ME? While the primary questions revolved around why God allowed things to happen, in my opinion, asking that question often means, "if God loves me, this bad thing would not have happened." So in watching the characters dealing with that question, it really brought out the sense that yes, God loves you always, no matter what. I think if we all truly lived and believed this verse, we wouldn't as much about the whys.

If we understood the depth of God's love, the everlasting quality, it would be a lot easier to live in confidence, without fear. That's why it's so important, as the characters in this book learned, that you have to go to God's word and see what He has to say. Check your reality with the truth of God.


Amy Wallace said...

Great answer to that discussion question from Ransomed Dreams! Jeremiah 31:3 is among my favorite verses, and one I find myself wrestling over with God time and again. But God is faithful and His Word is true. Thanks for that awesome reminder.

Thanks for being part of the RD blog tour too!

Danica Favorite said...

Anytime! I love Jeremiah a lot, so it was fun to see it part of your book.