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Thursday, October 18, 2007

I heart Denny's

They seriously need to pay me some endorsement bucks.

When I go on Thursday nights, I have a really nice waitress named Kelly who always refills my tea and brings me lots of honey and lemon. I don't get that kind of service at home, let me tell you.

So anyway, I've figured that my two hours of battery time is just about perfect, because I start to get tired as my battery winds down. And tonight, I wrote... 20 pages!!!

I almost went to VI, because they have better desserts. But I think I'll stick to Denny's. I seem to do well with Moons Over My Hammy and tea. After listening to a nutritionist speak at MOPS today, I probably am doing well to avoid all that processed sugar. Not that Moons Over My Hammy is any better for me, with all the fat. Although... the nutritionist said that our brains are largely fat, and we actually do need fat for our brains. So maybe my choice isn't so bad after all. Yeah. At least that'll be the story I stick to.

Or at least until I can't fit into these pants anymore.

Tomorrow, I'm off to critique. More importantly, we'll be celebrating because my dear friend Daniele, FINALLY finished her book. I know, none of you know Daniele. But she's a great gal, and I'm super proud of her for finishing. If she had a website or blog, I'd send you all there to congratulate her. After that, it's a girls night out at Johnny C's for Italian Nachos and Bellinis. Yum, yum, yum. Those are almost as inspiring as Denny's.

So what mundane things inspire you? Do you heart Denny's like I do?


Jan Parrish said...

:) You should get some advertising dollars for sure. Let me know if they send you a check and I'll work on Starbucks.

Missed you at WFTJ on Tuesday.

Check out my free drawing. :)

Danica Favorite said...

Hey There! I missed being there, but that whole being able to afford a sitter thing, you know. :) I'll be there this Tues.