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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Small workouts can make a difference

Even a little bit helps!
One of the new habits I've been slacking on is my workout. A few months ago, my friend introduced me to the Kettleworx workout. I was impressed, not just by the fact that it seemed like an easy(ish) workout, but also that my friend was seeing results. This is not an informercial promoting them... I promise! But I will admit that I was excited that I could only work out for 20 minutes, 3 times a week.

And then I got sick. And then I hurt my hip in an unrelated activity. Which led to... yup, I stopped working out.

Which brings me back to Tuesday's post. I had been feeling guilty about everything I'd been slacking off on. I'm pleased to say that I have been doing better on my quiet time since then, and I'd thought about working out. But I haven't been feeling well, so I didn't push myself.

 However, this morning, I decided to go for it. I put in the DVD, and began. Ten minutes into the workout, I was exhausted and lightheaded. Oops. I forgot to eat breakfast. So I stopped the DVD, ate a healthy breakfast, then got back to it. But after another few minutes, I just couldn't continue.

Did I do a complete workout? Nope. I'm sure Ryan Shanahan (Kettleworx guy) would be very disappointed in my wimpyness. But I'm not.

I did something beyond thinking about how I need to get in shape, how I hope to be able to climb a mountain this summer, how I know it's good for my health, etc. And even though it was just a small workout, I still moved my body more and pushed myself harder than I have in a month. So YAY me!

My small workout made a difference.

I feel better about myself because I made one small step toward my goals. My body is getting healthier and stronger.

Yes, I am going to work toward doing a full workout on a regular schedule. But even when I can't make it, the little bit that I do is still going to be better than sitting on my couch, wishing I had.

Today, my encouragement for you is to just do something small. If you don't have time for a full workout, then do something. Some days, my workout is going outside and jumping rope with my little girl (which we both do poorly), or a few extra stretches. Is there some way you can incorporate a little extra movement into your day? What quick workout tips do you have?

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