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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Renewed Vigor

What is it about the end of something that makes you strive to do more?

At least that's the way it works for me.

I'm facing the end of summer, thinking, "oh man! I've got so much more I wanted to get accomplished!" So I'm in the midst of rushing around, trying to get things done because I need to feel like I actually DID something this summer.

Which is funny, because I did a lot of somethings.

This summer, I had two of my bestest friends visit. I went to TWO conferences. I didn't kill my children. I painted my office and our spare bedroom. I didn't kill That Man. I finished a book. I didn't kill The Dog. Nor have I killed the squirrels or skunks that have been driving us nuts. I cleared out a bunch of stuff and donated it to charity. I made progress on the garden. Sadly, with all the rain, clouds, and our late start, we're not reaping much of a harvest, but hey... I tried.

A couple of weeks ago, my kiddo whined about how we haven't done as much this summer as we did last summer. I made her list the things we haven't done. As much as we all think we didn't do a lot this summer, we did everything she'd whined about not doing. Except going up to the cabin, but we just never found a free weekend.

So as much as I say I didn't do anything, I've done a lot. Yet still I strive to do more.

Today, I'm tearing apart the bedding in my bedroom and washing it all. I started yesterday. It's that much of a project. Usually I just wash the sheets and blankets and call it good. But this week, I got it in my head to do it ALL. As soon as hubby gets home, I'm going to ask him to help me flip our mattress.

In my head, I'm already listing more things I can do so I can pat myself on the back for having such an accomplished summer.

But the one question I haven't asked myself, or my kids, is did I enjoy it?

Once I get my bed put back together, I think I'm going to put one task at the top of my list: Sit back and ENJOY!

What's have you not done yet this summer?

1 comment:

Diane Marie Shaw said...

You wore me out. You have had an incredibly accomplished summer.
Yes, you must put on your list "Sit back and Enjoy!"
I haven't done much this summer but the next week and a half will be very busy.