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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

They're ugly, but they're mine

On my visit to San Jose, Camy decided to teach me how to knit socks. I was semi excited about the prospect. The only problem with learning a new knitting skill is that my old habit of using really bad words tends to flare up. It took me a month, but I am proud to say that I now have my very own pair of homemade knitted socks.

They're ugly, but they're mine.

I've decided that what I like about knitting is that there's a lot of instant gratification. It's pretty easy to see your progress. Of course, it's also to see a lot of mistakes, which is where the bad words come in. One thing I've learned about knitting, though, is that while I do strive for a certain level of quality, I don't beat myself up for when things don't turn out perfectly. These socks are pretty darn ugly and full of mistakes. I think I ripped the first one out four times before finishing, and the second got ripped out twice. I should have ripped out the toe and fixed it, but I was too ready to be done, so the toe is funnier looking than it should be. But guess what? I don't care. I'm wearing warm knitted socks.

Maybe it's not the grand victory that will change my life. But today, it's the victory I needed after tons and tons of stress.

What makes you feel victorious?


Diane Marie Shaw said...

I love your "ugly" socks, they look pretty great to me. The funny toe gives the one sock character. I bet the other sock is jealous because it is feeling so ordinary.
I watched you diligently work on them at the writer's conference and I admired your ability to knit and listen. I am a multi-tasker but those two tasks I could not do at once. Of course I don't know how to knit so that is a definite handicap.
The socks look like they would be very warm and fun to wear when sliding across a wood floor. :D

Denise Miller Holmes said...

I'm wondering if we could apply the same philosophy to writing. :D