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Friday, May 14, 2010

You know that cleaning thing???

Well, it turned into a massive paint my house project. And I still have to put everything back and decorate it all pretty.

And of course, the same thing has been going on in my heart. A lot of stuff being pulled out, re-arranged, painted over, and healed. But like my house, my heart is still under construction. Still things to re-do, put away, and make nice.

Which made me realize that it will never be done. Not completely. We'll always find something that needs to be spruced up a little, repaired from wear and tear, etc. The renovations on my house, like my heart, will always be a work in progress.

It's unending, and yet there is still satisfaction in the work. It's easy to be discouraged and think it will never end, worrying about all of the imperfections. However, with the perspective that it's not meant to end, not while we're here on this earth, makes it easier. You can look at the improvement for what it is, and value the progress, even if it's not finished.

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