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Monday, August 30, 2010

When will I get my life back?

We survived the first week of school. As That Man pointed out yesterday, we even did so without the weekly phone call from the nurse or principal. Maybe, just maybe, our little terrorist is growing up.

I am STILL trying to catch up from the summer. I keep thinking that things will slow down, but the mail brought yet another invitation promising to keep me busy through um... well...

October 12thish? No, wait. We have a birthday in there. Okay. For Sure! October 17th. THAT is when I get my life back. Of course, the children and husband still have soccer through October 31st. The 9yo has Westernaires forever. But only every other weekend. So somewhere in between, I WILL have a life. Right?

All right. Let's get real. I have children. There will always be activities.

Soo... June 2022... the last child will be graduated, and, if she's still a terrorist, out of my house.

Let's set a date: June 2022, I will have my life back.

No, wait... by then, the older two will probably have given me grandchildren, and since it's been my lifelong ambition to be a grandmother (not too soon, mind you, but I'll be able to handle it from the older two in 2022, though the younger two had better wait a while!), I'm more than willing to devote my life to being the best grandma in the world.

Which means...

I'm never getting my life back, am I?

Oh well, that's why God invented chocolate and tea, right?


D. Gudger said...

That's funny :) My MOM wanted to be a grandmother more than anything. She had us take care of our toys for her grandchildren who now do love to play with the things my sister and I enjoyed and didn't destroy. Even when my mom was little, she wanted to be a grandmother :)

Danica Favorite said...

And SEE! She got her wish! She couldn't ask for a better grandson.