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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's okay to not finish

For the past two, maybe three, months, my life has been insane. All sorts of unexpected keeps popping up and messing up my flow. To say things are backlogged would be such a gross understatement that well... I think you get the picture.

My personality is a do-er. I get it done, and I get it done right. Usually the first time. My tendency is to start a project and not stop until I finish. This works great for me, except the times when the project is so big that I get behind on my other projects and then have to race to catch up there. At times, I do without sleep and turn into a big cranky monster to get it all done.

And in these past few months, it just hasn't worked for me. Mostly because of an injury to my hand, and now my back, that has pretty well slowed me down and partially incapacitated me. I haven't been able to complete my projects. Some days, I've actually had to *gasp* rest. I started a new plan of attack on life that has consisted of setting limits. For X amount of time, I will work on X project. When the time's up, whether I'm done or not, I stop and move on to the next task.

Today, as I closed up one project, happy that I'd made progress, but disappointed that I didn't finish, I realized something. It's okay. Yes, I wanted to plow through (at the expense of other things I need to do), and if I kept going, I'd probably finish late tonight. But then, I'd be mad at myself for not doing a lot of other things I should have.

I am learning what balance looks like. And I'm adjusting to the fact that even though it isn't done, it really is okay. (And when I've told myself that a thousand times, I'll believe it. ;) )

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Camy Tang said...

Good for you! This is how live should be. If you were working hourly at a job, you'd have to stop by a certain time whether the job was done or not, so why not with other things in life, esp if they're equally or not as important as a job?