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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Thank God He's not bipolar

It's been one heck of a day... I am seriously on the brink of a weird meltdown, and the day's not even done yet! I keep looking at the clock, thinking more time has to have gone by, but no... sadly, just a day that's not quite finished.

It seems like for every really good thing that happens, something worse comes up to counter it. And then, something really good will happen. So I get happy again, and then WHAM!

For a while, I was like, um God, what is UP with you today?

And then I realized something very cool. Nothing is up with Him today. He is constant. His happiness and mood doesn't changed based on the good and bad events of the day. His love for us doesn't change based on whether or not we did everything right, or like I did a couple of times today, we made some mistakes.

As much as I am up and down, He is not.

I also realized another really cool thing. As bad as my day has been, and as many challenges have been thrown my way, I've had the occasional breaks in the clouds with some things that have made me smile and brightened my day. Yes, I am down about the icky things, but I am so grateful that I have more than just icky things in my life.

So, despite what has been a very bad day in some ways, and a pretty good day in others, I am able to rest in the knowledge, that either way, God is still God. And that's the ultimate in goodness.

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