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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What pisses me off... an exercise in humility

I'm doing a couple of personal growth type classes right now, and I'm really enjoying myself. Well, most of the time. Okay, to be perfectly honest, I'm having to do a lot of digging into my heart and into places I don't really want to dig. I think that's been making it hard for me to blog, because there aren't a lot of great things I have to say right now. Mostly, I spend my days sobbing because of something else in my life that needed to be broken. I know, fabulous, right?

So today, I had to do an exercise where I had to do a free write on the topic, "what injustices piss you off?" I'm kind of one of those, all injustices piss me off kind of girl, but hey, I'll play along. I started writing, and where it took me, well, I didn't like it. I'm going to share what I wrote, mostly because I don't know what to do with it, but I hope, that as you read it, you'll find some gem, and maybe together, we can find a path to a solution.

What injustices piss me off?

Being judgmental. I hate it from all angles- Christians and non Christians, whatever faction you are, I hate it. I don't even have to agree or disagree with the viewpoint, the judgment itself pisses me off. Denial of human rights in the name of a god pisses me off. Hypocrisy pisses me off. Unkindness pisses me off. Inconsiderate people piss me off. Self righteous people piss me off. Selfish people piss me off. Lack of acknowledgment of another person's humanity pisses me off. The state of the world in which we are all out for ourselves at the expense of others piss me off. And yet, as much as I passionately detest all of these things, I realize that I am just as guilty as anyone else of these things. How do I be the change in the world I want to see? How do I get past my own hurts and prejudices to bring healing to others? Is it a lost cause?

I haven't been able to stop thinking about what I wrote, mostly because with each sin I list, I can say with great certainty that I am guilty. Mostly what I think is wrong with humanity is how we treat each other.  The lack of respect and regard for each other- it really bothers me. But I also know that there are so many times that I fall short. So how can I stand on my soapbox and say that we need more kindness and consideration in this world when I have no room to throw stones?

So I am humbled. Realizing that I don't have any answers, and that as much as I struggle to get it right, how can I expect anyone else to either?


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Ray Bans Frames said...

Ive thought about posting something about this before. Good job! Can I use part of your post in my blog?

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