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Friday, August 29, 2014

Overcoming Art Journaling Fear

As I've shared my art journaling passion with others, I'm finding that a lot of folks are afraid to start art journaling because they don't think they're very good at art. Even though the idea intrigues them and they'd love to give it a try, they don't want to take that step toward trying art journaling because they're afraid they won't be very good.

[caption id="attachment_4610" align="alignleft" width="300"]www.danicafavorite.com You can overcome your fear of art journaling![/caption]

It's not about being good!

What I love most about art journaling is that anyone of any talent can do it! I can't draw a straight line or make a perfect anything, and I proudly admit that I can't draw people unless we're talking stick figures.

But here's the value in art journaling. The emphasis is on the process, not the product, and it doesn't have to be perfect.

Art journaling is one of the best tools I've found in overcoming perfectionism.

It's true. Because I know I can't be perfect, and that the aim isn't perfection, I have a lot of freedom in letting the art be what it is. Good, bad, ugly, pretty, it doesn't matter. What matters is getting it on the page. What matters is that I'm willing to try.

The best way to overcome your fear is to just do it!

I made a couple of videos today more specifically addressing this issue, and I hope you'll take the time to not only watch, but also to actually try art journaling! As an added incentive, I'm going to give away the original picture in this post- it's the exact picture I create in the video. I hope my little piece of art, imperfect as it is, encourages you all to not be afraid and just do it!





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