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Friday, December 04, 2015

A day in the life of an author on deadline

Sick kid and dogs. My company for the day.
I have a book due December 15th. The rough draft is finished (thanks NaNoWriMo) but I need to do my revisions before handing it in to my editor. I have a big work event next week that I have to finalize details for. Today is basically crunch day. Here is how my day responded:

  • Wake up and take the dogs out.
  • Hubby, who has worked all night,  is sleeping on the couch.
  • Try to keep the dogs from jumping on hubby and waking him up.
  • Fail miserably.
  • Finally take the dogs outside to give hubby a chance to sleep. Try to shovel deck while holding leashes so that when the dishwasher repairman comes he does not slip and break his neck. Almost break my neck, but at least no one will sue.
  • Take the dogs on a longer walk to hopefully wear them out so they won't wake hubby.
  •  Bring the dogs in and wake hubby up.
  • Realize that while on the walk, missed a phone call from hubby's ex-wife (who never calls). Realize she's tried every number she has for us. Worry about the older kids. Find out that she just needed to help reunite one of the kids with his phone. Phew!
  • Try to get some work done.
  • Dishwasher repair guy shows up. Dogs go crazy. Take dogs downstairs so they will settle down. Try to get some more work done.
  • Get a call from sick kid at school.
  • Pick sick kid up. Make doctor's appointment for kid on the way there.
  • Pray this isn't like last time when you ended up spending the afternoon cleaning up puke.
  • Come home to find that dishwasher guy has left and could not find anything wrong with the brand-new dishwasher that refuses to clean the dishes. Never again, Sears. Never again. 
  • Try to get some work done.
  • Take pictures of sick kid sleeping with dogs, grateful that no puking occurred.
  • Try to get some more work done.
  • Take sick kid to the doctor.
  • Spend an hour in the doctor's office because they're so busy. Leave with diagnosis of ear infection, but no strep, so the rest of the family will not die.
  • Text with kid from doctor's office to find that once again, you forgot to turn on the crockpot so dinner will not be ready when you get home.
  • Drive home in rush hour traffic. Remind yourself that because you work from home, you only have to do rush hour once in a great while, and allow yourself to be grateful for your blessings.
  • Drop sick kid off at home.
  • Go to store to pick up prescription and something for dinner. Find out that the doctor's office didn't call in the prescription yet.
  • Call doctor's office to find out where prescription is. Doctor has gone home, so they take a message for the on-call doctor to call back.
  • Shop for dinner while waiting for phone call.
  • Get phone call, and on-call doctor disagrees with what the doctor who saw sick kid prescribed, so have to argue with the doctor, give a full detailed history, and finally be told he will call in a different prescription than what was prescribed.
  • Shop a while longer to give pharmacy time to deal with prescription. Add several questionable impulse buys to the shopping cart. Get to the pharmacy, and discuss medication options with pharmacist. Pharmacist goes to fill prescription.
  • Pay for groceries, then go back to pharmacy. Find out that pharmacist finally got the original prescription, but it contradicts the new prescription, and does not know what to do. Discuss the situation with pharmacist, who agrees that going with the prescription from the doctor who actually saw sick kid is the way to go. Pharmacist is baffled that two doctors in the same practice would have such vastly different ideas on what to do.
  • Finally (two hours after arriving at the store) get the prescription in my hand. Realize that there is no time to cook dinner when I get home.
  • Stop by Wendy's to pick up dinner.
  • Give sick kid medicine, feed the family, and realize that you now have a raging headache.
  • Hang out in sick kid's bed, giving her love, and spend time with her until she falls asleep.
  • Try to get some work done.
  • Go to bed, and hope that tomorrow is a better day!

Or at least the last two is what I have planned. We'll see how it goes!

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