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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Yick Yick Yick

Today I'm doing the mega scrub and clean house thing.

For the past month or so, I've been really sick with a horrible stomach yick. Just when I think I'm feeling better, BAM! It's back. So yesterday, when it was worse than ever, I went to the doctor (finally). They quickly ruled out pregnancy, and then took a whole lotta my blood to the lab for testing. I won't get the results until Friday, but here's hoping it's nothing serious.

The depressing thing about going to the doctor is that they always weigh you. Fortunately, they were too worried about the fact that I can't seem to keep my lunch down for more than a day or so to notice that I've gained 6 pounds. Wahoo. Now I need to lose 16 pounds. Maybe I can get some of it off before I get yet another lecture. Yick.

Could someone explain how, after spending the past month puking my guts out every couple of days, I can GAIN weight? Yick.

And so, in the interest of being proactive, and given that I feel well enough to get out of bed today, I'm cleaning. There will be no germ left alive by the time I get done. Ahhh, the sweet smell of disinfectant...

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