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Friday, March 30, 2007

It's Friday already?!

I'm not sure where my week went.

Monday, we went to the zoo.
Tuesday, I'm not sure what we did.
Wednesday, we went downtown.
Thursday, we had MOPS and then met That Man for lunch.

And here we are at Friday. I have sick kiddos, so that means we're off to the doctor's.

Also on the agenda: Find a sitter for Sunday, get my bio sent out, work on picking up the house, work on edits for the Genesis, and try not to kill anyone. LOL Maybe not. I'm not laughing. I just found out that a project I worked HOURS on got destroyed by a computer glitch and I have to re-create the entire thing.

The good news is that a couple of things I was worried about remembering to get done have been completed, so I've got those items checked off the list.

Alrighty then, Mt. Laundry has yet to come alive enough to do itself, and I've still got a couple of hours left before we have to leave. If you don't see me soon, send a search party. You have no idea how out of control Mt. Laundry is.


Jana said...

If it resembles Lake Dishes that currently resides in my kitchen you have my sympathies. LOL

Hope the project you have to re-create is easier the second time around and the kiddos get to feeling better. (((hugs)))

Danica/Dream said...

Thanks Jana. Hope you got Lake Dishes squared away.