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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #28: Things I've learned recently about eating healthy

Thirteen Things about eating healthy

1. Healthy food tastes pretty good.
2. Some of it is still gross, though.
3. Soy is one of the worst things you can put into your body (and here I thought it was good for me)
4. If you plan right, it's also not as expensive as I thought.
5. Homemade food doesn’t take as much time as I’d thought (and it’s much better for you!)
6. You’re not supposed to sauté the garlic with the onions (and guess how I learned how to cook)
7. I can get my kiddo to eat anything if I tell her its medicine (and she likes it)
8. How to make Kefir (and what Kefir is)
9. That when you roast a chicken, you’re supposed to do it with the right side up (I still can’t tell which end is which)
10. My house will not burn down if I simmer homemade broth for the full 24 hours recommended by the recipe (and the broth turns out really nice)
11. Homemade Bread is really yummy and not so hard to make.
12. My family is not as fond of eating healthy as I am.
13. I still crave junk! (especially hot dogs!)

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damozel said...

I didn't know soy is bad for you. It's bad for you? As a postmenopausal lady, I often eat tofu and other soy-related products.]

Grrrr. They...keep...moving...the...goalposts. Maybe I'LL go back to eating what I want to!

Good for you for making this change. Sigh.

The Flatland Almanack --Damozel

Di said...

My doctor told me one serving of soy per day helps to lower cholesterol.

How can all those people who eat tofu (which I think is disgusting...but I can tolerate soy milk) be wrong???

Gellianne said...

I love hotdogs also!

Unknown said...

Eating health is really hard.

I already knew about the soy. Its especially bad if you have thyroid problems. It actually causes issues with the thyroid hormones.

You should also check all of your medicines. There are many that soy prevents your body from using.

Danica Favorite said...

Yeah, all the nutritionists I know say soy is one of the worst things you can put in your body.

For me, the issue is that it's a phytoestrogen, which mimics estrogen, and I have an estrogen dominance problem, so it's caused a lot of health issues for me. :( The trouble is, most processed foods these days contain soy and soy by-products.

I don't know about soy reducing cholesterol, however, there's so many other great healthier foods that'll do it (like oatmeal), so I've never thought much about that one. Although to be honest, my cholesterol is fine.

Mmmm.... hot dogs....

Good to know about it interfering with medicines, although I've done everything I can to cut it out of my diet, so that's no longer an issue. Just one more reason to avoid soy, I guess.

Julie said...

Why aren't you supposed to saute the garlic and onions together?

For turkey broth, I like to stick the whole pot in the fridge overnight halfway through the simmering time. The fat rises to the top and hardens, then you pull it out while it's still cold and finish the simmer. That way you don't have to do nearly as much skimming.

Which side of the chicken is the right side?

Danica Favorite said...

Great tip on the turkey, I'm going to try it. I hate skimming!

I forget why you shouldn't saute them together, but I read it recently in a cooking book or some online recipe page. Huh. Now I've got to go find it again.

Marina said...

Good luck with sticking with the eating-healthy-plan! I'm trying to cut back on the "bad" foods, and I'm making slow progress, weight-wise (which, I understand, is the way to do it, to keep it off long-term).

Anyway, feel free to stop by:


Danica Favorite said...

Thanks Marina, and good luck to you too!

Tina K said...

I'm just glad chocolate has proven to be as good for the body as it always has been for the soul.

My Thursday 13:


Kay Day said...

Yeh, I was curious about the onion and garlic thing, too.

I heard that soy isn't totally bad, just not as good as they once thought. For people with estrogen problems, definitely keep away. That I know.

Too bad, or you could eat soy dogs. LOL

Actually, you can get hotdogs that are made from good meat and not cured. They have them at Whole Foods. Nothing wrong with a treat now and then.

Unknown said...

Too funny if you tell her it is medicine she will eat it ... most kids would run from that idea.
I am out visiting late for T13 but hope you will still stop by for my post:

Heather said...

The thing is, the more I eat healthy foods, the more I crave healthy foods rather than yucky ones.
And, yeah, soy makes me a cranky person. My husband cuts me off before I eat too much edamame.

colleen said...

I burn so much of my supposed cooking that I had stipulation about it in my wedding vows. But I didn't know you couldn't saute onion and garlic together.

Danica Favorite said...

Tina, definitely on the chocolate!

Kay, sadly, they just don't taste as good as REAL hot dogs. But that's okay. A real hot dog now and then won't kill me. It's all in moderation, right?

Lucy, my kids are weird.

Heather, I wish it made me crave healthy stuff. Although the more healthy I eat, the less junk I can eat. I still crave it, but I find I can't eat as much. So I guess that's a good thing.

Colleen, it's not so much that you can't saute them together, but you shouldn't. At least that's what this article or book I read said. I wish I could find it now, but I've been reading so much, I can't remember where it was.

Nicholas said...

I'm not sure if I agree with you about #1.

Danica Favorite said...

Ah Nicholas...

Well, it depends on the food, I guess. :)