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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #53: Better late than never

Thirteen Things about My Trip

It's the better late than never edition... been a funky week. However, I did promise I'd share more about my trip, so here it is...

1. One of the fine activities the family engaged in is what as known as the chicken fly...

2. You climb a ladder, stick a chicken in the mailbox, and then plunge it out to make it fly. The person whose chicken flies the farthest wins. We did not win. But we sure had fun.

3. I had my children arrested for making a mess. They have not, however, learned their lesson. My house is messier than ever.

4. We also ate like pigs.

5. The littlest one also treated us to some of her beautiful singing, courtesy of a stick she found on the grounds, with backup from her favorite princess doll, Aurora, aka Allora.

6. At the end of the evening, we were treated to a flute serenade and a gorgeous sunset.

Huh... well, that's the best of the pictures. So I guess I'll tell you about a few other things until I get to thirteen.

7. We were so far in the mountains, away from any towns, that the nearest place to view fireworks was at least an hour away. This was the first 4th of July I've gone without seeing fireworks. Oh wait, I lied. Didn't get to see any the summer I was in Israel, either. For some reason, they don't celebrate the 4th. ;)

8. Even though it was a family vacation, I did not sleep with my hubby. I slept in the cabin, he and the kiddos slept in a tent. He'd been promising to take them camping, so we figured this was the closest thing. They wouldn't stay in the tent without him.

9. We saw a real live cay-whoa-tee. Sadly, or maybe gladly, the little one afraid of the wild beasts did not see it. She's still bitter about that.

10. I forgot to take pictures of the accommodations and pond. The pond's a little low, but it's still real nice to sit on the bench, drinking tea, and staring at it.

11. We're planning on building a labyrinth there. A few months ago, I was talking about how I wished I had some land to build one, and Gloria said I could put one up at the cabin. I think she's more excited about it than I am.

12. The kids fought less than usual, but are making up for it now.

13. We did not bring the dog, for fear of wild animals. I missed him a lot. We need to figure out a way to bring him so he doesn't get eaten.

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Melanie said...

Looks like A LOT of fun! My kids would love the chicken thing...LOVE! LOL

Kay Day said...

poor chickens.

So where did all those other people come from. It isn't an isolated cabin, I take it.

Danica Favorite said...

LOL, the chickens were not thrilled. But the kids loved it.

This was in the town of Guffey, which is down the mountain and down the road from the cabin. About 20 minutes, I think.

Me said...

Sure sounds like a fun vacation. Never heard of a chicken fly, but I could see my kids enjoying something like that, too.