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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #61: Travel edition

Thirteen Things Travel Edition

For those of you who don't know, I'm in Minneapolis, at the ACFW Conference. Great times, great times.

1. I've been super stressed for the past week over everything I had to do to get ready, and I was positive I was forgetting something.
2. Now, I really don't care. Whatever it is, it'll work out.
3. However, I am super tired. Too many late nights and early mornings lately. Scary for the first day of the conference. I skipped out on part of a session to take a nap.
4. Airport funny: They called our flight to board, and I started rummaging through my purse, looking for, not my boarding pass, which was in my hand, but my car keys. To the surprise of my fellow passengers, I triumphantly pulled them out only to realize with great embarrassment that um, I don't need them. Blaming lack of sleep on that one.
5. It's really hard to use my laptop to write on the plane when the person in the seat in front of me decides to recline.
6. I did, however, get six or seven pages written. (Let's not discuss the fact that after Camy and I brainstormed last night, I've since realized that I'll need to delete an entire chapter in the beginning.)
7. Another funny freakout moment: I'm at the hotel, and I notice they have a giftshop. The sign says, "Minnesota gifts." My thought: why on earth would they have a Minnesota gift shop in... oh yeah, I guess I am in Minnesota.
8. Why is it that when TSA chooses to rifle through your belongings, that they cannot at least put things back the way they found them?
9. Despite the fact that I have a wifi card, I can never get the hotel wifi. I always have to hardwire in.
10. I LOVE that many airports now have free wireless, which I can get with no trouble.
11. After you've been to so many conferences, it all begins to have a very familiar routine. I kinda like that.
12. Meeting new friends from all over the world is such a joy and blessing.
13. But the greatest blessing of traveling all over the place for conferences and things is getting to see your most beloved friends. There's just not enough time, but it sure is precious when you get to spend it with them.

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JO said...

enjoy your trip!

Here's my 50th entry -- http://www.joarduo.com/2008/09/tt-50-13-posts.html. Thanks.

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