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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Are you missing the ocean in the desert?

I had dinner with a friend recently, and this friend asked me a question that rocked my world. It was an innocent enough question, and I know she had no idea what she was asking. But as I began the answer I've been giving to that question for a long time, I realized something... that's not me anymore. Sure, that was the answer to what was happening in my life a while ago. But now? I'm living in entirely different circumstances. Better ones.

I'd been in the desert in this one area of my life for so long that I'd begun to accept that I will always be in the desert. I began to see this place as one big desert, and completely missed the fact that I was actually swimming in an ocean of blessings! Talk about being blind.

Since then, God has continued to rip off the blinders and pour salve into that wound. No, my life isn't perfect, and certainly, I lack a lot of things. But this one place... I am so full that the blessings are overflowing. And I almost completely missed it because I had resigned myself to the desert.

Do places of your life feel like a desert? Have you taken time to reexamine them? Maybe, instead of being in the desert, you're swimming in an ocean, but haven't realized it yet!

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