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Monday, April 19, 2010

My super happy day!!

A while back, I signed a contract for a little devotional I wrote while hanging out in a gorgeous cabin in the mountains with some of my critique partners. The only thing about signing a contract for a lot of these devotional books is that they often tell you that yours might get pulled at the last minute. So while it's exciting, there's this part of you that wonders, "what if mine doesn't make it?"

Today, my doorbell rang. My dog went crazy, so I sent him to his room, and for once he listened. The mailman had FOUR boxes for me. One was a box of books I'd ordered, another was a box of books for me to judge, another was a pressie from my boss, and the last was... The compilation book with my devotional in it!!

Color me super happy.

Part of why this is so special is that lately, I've been doubting my calling as a writer. It just seems like I've hit wall after wall. I mentioned in a previous blog about how getting a contract for two other devotions gave me a much-needed boost. Seeing my name in print in a real book- well, that definitely helps even more. Not that it's about the success or publication, but sometimes it's good to have the validation of knowing that I'm on the right path. And that all the struggles are for a good purpose. The devotional in this book is about God bringing me through one of my difficult struggles. Funny how I blogged about that recently too.

I think this is God's little way of saying, "Dear Dummy, it'll work out. I promise." Which is what He's been saying all along, so at some point, I need to stop worrying so much and not let the rough stuff get me down.

You can find details on the book series here. Keep in mind that it's a series of books, and you'll have to check with Guideposts if you want to buy just the book my story is in. I don't get anything out of anyone buying the books, but there are some good stories other than mine in there as well.


Megan DiMaria said...


Roland D. Yeomans said...

Thanks for sharing this triumphant moment with us. I'm very happy for you.

Isn't it stunning when out of the blue, God taps us on the shoulder with a circumstance of scene of beauty, saying, "You didn't think I'd forgottened you, did you?"

Have a day and week of surprising blessings, Roland

Amy Knupp said...

Congrats, Danica!

Unknown said...

Super, super, great, Danica!!! Congratulations!

Camy Tang said...

Congratulations!!!! This is so terrific!!!!