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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This not making excuses thing...

They say that sometimes you have to get sick and tired of being sick and tired to finally do something. So in my great wisdom of realizing that I will never get in shape unless I just do it, I joined a gym.

Stop laughing.

Because not only did I join a gym, I've even used my membership.

I mean it. Stop laughing.

Because not only have I used it, but I purchased personal training sessions, and have been doing exactly what I've been told.

Now you may pick yourself off the floor.

It's been a hard week since I got back from conference. I can't believe I've already been home a week. I arrived at the conference with some weird allergy thing happening. Three days into the conference, I realized our beds and pillows were all feather. No wonder. I'm severely allergic to those things. So we switched it out. I started feeling good again. Then I hit the plane coming home. I was sooo tired. But, I figured it was due to lack of sleep at the conference. By the time I arrived home, I just didn't feel good. Figured it was fatigue.

I ended up sleeping almost all day last Tuesday. However, I had to get up for my first personal training appointment, and I wasn't going to miss it since I'd lose the money I spent because I didn't meet the 24 hour cancellation policy. My first massive workout in years and I feel like total crap. By the end of the evening, I realized huh, I bet I'm actually sick.

Wednesday, every muscle in my body hurt. I let myself rest, slept most of the day again, took good care of myself. I figured I probably had a virus, and did everything I could think of to get better.

Thursday, I woke up feeling great. I decided I'd probably had a small bug, but my soreness was from the workout. However, by noon, I was so worn out, I wanted to die. My apologies to the friends who were with me. Because, as I found out Friday at the doctor's, I was really sick.

Friday, I did my workout again. Not so much I wanted to, but because my friend who's been prodding me to workout and going with me as incentive to make me do it, said so. And I wanted to die. Which is when the doctor verified, that yup, I have a virus that's been going around and that my fatigue, dizziness, and headaches are all a part of it. Nothing I can do but rest.

Saturday, I still limited my activities. I started to realize that I feel good when I first get up, but by noon, I'm out of steam and need a three hour nap to get me through to bedtime.

Sunday, I worked out again. The nap thing was definitely helping.

Yesterday, I felt pretty good, so I increased my activity, started catching up on life, cleaned part of my house, and only needed an hour nap. Wahoo! I'm getting better!

Then I woke up today. I physically couldn't get out of bed, I was so tired, so sore, and so dizzy. Oops. So I slept in, got some rest, and yes, I made it to my appointment with my personal trainer. The man worked me so hard, I wanted to die. Still do, actually.

Why this whole listing of my very boring life of the past week? Well, because as I sat on my couch, berating myself for being so stupid as to work out while so sick, I realized something. Yes, being as sick as I am, I have a valid excuse to not work out. But because I have someone pushing me, and because I truly am tired of being out of shape, I'm doing it anyway. Plus, it occurred to me that there will always be an excuse. Not having enough time, enough money, etc.

Which has led to me to analyzing my other excuses in other realms. Are my reasons for doing or not doing things right now legitimate? Or can I push past my excuse and do it anyway? In some instances, I think I can rely a lot less on what I think I can do, and push on.

Except, of course, right now, I really need a nap.

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