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Friday, March 11, 2011

Taking my Lenten project to the mall

One of my friends suggested that since my 6yo is my Lenten project, I should do something special with her every day during Lent. I'm not sure I will survive this project.

Tonight's bonding with the 6yo included meeting up with my BFF and her daughter, who is the 6yo's BFF. We went to the kids' art show, and then to the mall.

Now, I've taken the 6yo to the mall just the two of us. I've even taken her to the mall with my 10yo. But let me say this... taking the 6yo with her BFF is a nightmare that should never be repeated. Us moms (is that grammatically correct? I'm too tired to think) even armed ourselves with margaritas. True story. We had dinner at one of the restaurants in the mall at the beginning of our adventure, so we had margaritas (really yummy ones too!). It didn't help.

As we watched the two little girls swinging their arms back and forth, we both agreed that maybe taking the BFFs to the mall hadn't been the best of ideas for the moms, but those girls sure did have a good time. Even though we didn't succumb to a single "buy me this," the girls loved it. That said, I don't think either of the moms will be brave enough to take the little girls to the mall again anytime soon. Maybe after a few more margaritas and twenty years, we'll try it again.

Rest assured that tomorrow's project with the 6yo will not involve malls, or probably anyplace public. I may have to call it a success if we both survive the day. Her room is an incredible mess and she's already been warned that she will not be allowed to anything until said room is clean. Ah, such is the glamorous life of the mother of my daughter.


Diane Marie Shaw said...

Danica, shopping with a daughter goes through so many stages. When she becomes a teen don't be surprised if she doesn't want to be seen with you at the mall, of course she wants you to drive her there but once there be sure to stay several yards behind her when walking. If she runs into friends she certainly would not want them to know she is with her mom.
But it does get better later when she is happy to tuck her arm through yours and chatter away to her mom, her friend.

Danica Favorite said...

Diane, it'll be interesting to see how the stages with this little one evolves.