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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another step in my technological evolution

I've already blogged about my Kindle, and how I'm being thrust into that next level of technological evolution.

Well, the time has come to take yet another step that I don't want to take.

Yes, friends, I am talking about getting a new cell phone. Please understand that I have purposely not upgraded my phone for um... well... I think we're nigh on seven years. I got the phone about the same time my almost 7yo graced us with her presence.

Everyone I know has a smart phone. I continue to resist the evils of being tethered to my email. You will not receive an email from me that has the "sent from my iphone" or "sent from my blackberry" message. I spend too much time online as it is, and I really don't want to be any more reachable than I already am. Plus, I don't want to learn a bunch more buttons or upgrade my calling plan.

I LIKE my phone. Over the past year or so, we've coaxed it into living a little longer, and every couple of months, hubby has to glue it back together. Well, he glued it last week, and it's already coming apart. So yesterday, he came to me in a very loving way, and said, "honey, we need to do something about your phone." I thought he meant gluing it again.

But no, he held up another phone and said, "I think we should talk about trying my old phone."

No, it's not a smartphone. It's a sleeker version of my poor old phone that he used until he upgraded to his current tough man-phone. I'm not sure I can handle this.

"Can we transfer all my stuff from my old phone to this one?" Like the cute video I have of my 2yo (now almost 7yo) daughter playing her toy piano and singing?

"Yes, dear."

"And if I don't like it, can I go back to my old phone?"

"Yes, dear."

Okay. I think I'm going to go for it. Why do I feel like a middle schooler being asked to give up my wubbie?


Niki said...

Come to the dark side, Danica! ;) Smart phones are convenient and SO much fun! :)

Not sent from my iPhone THIS time.

Jana said...


I still haven't caved to the smart phone either partly because I don't want a phone smarter than me and partly because I live so far out in the backwoods that the data plan wouldn't work but half the time anyway.

However, I did upgrade my phone about three years ago for a flip phone so I wouldn't hafta keep locking and unlocking the keypad. ;-)

Carolyne Aarsen said...

Okay, Danica. You sound like my husband. He's been clinging to his Razor for about 6 years now and had been due for a free upgrade and I've been saying iPhone, iPhone, whispering it to him in his sleep mentioning it every time he pulls out his old, falling apart Razor. He just clutches his phone to his chest and murmurs - but I LIKE this one. It will happen. Some day.

Danica Favorite said...

LOL Niki!

Jana, I've always had a flip phone.

Carolyne... too funny. I think my hubby does the same thing. He tried reassuring me about my "new" phone that they haven't made it for two years.

I still miss my old phone!