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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The end of a TV season and the return of some favorites

Well, this week was the season finale of all the shows I like watching. *sniff* *sniff* Whatever will I do with my time?

Maybe attack my growing TBR pile? Which is a good thing, only I can't fold laundry and read, so I don't know how my laundry is going to get done over the next few months while I wait for my TV shows to come back.

Here's what's in my lineup and my rundown (May contain spoilers):

Chuck: Okay, technically, I still have to watch the season finale, because hubby and I have a rule that we have to watch it together. I'm sort of holding off, because then I really won't have anything to watch. But I've seen enough spoilers out there that I'm already eager for the next season. Chuck, my beloved, I will be waiting.

Castle: I can't believe they are making us wait until fall!!!  That said, I do not believe for a second that Kate is dead. If you recall, they did a season finale with Kate being blown up in her apartment and she survived that, so my bet is that Kate was wearing a vest. If they'd really wanted to kill her, they'd have done what they did when they killed another beloved TV Kate in NCIS and put a bullet in her head. Speaking of, what self-respecting sniper goes for the chest? I'm telling you, Kate is alive.

The Event: Seriously???? You cancel the show with THAT ending? Insert lots and lots of bad words. At least when they axed Jericho, they gave it a semi-satisfying ending. This left it so wide open that we have no idea what happened. Just when they started opening up more cans of worms, like, "we were here first." Normally, I hate shows with aliens, but this one had me hooked. They had to know it was on the chopping block, so why didn't they wrap it up rather than open up new mysteries. Jerks.

The Good Wife: Meh. That didn't feel like a season finale. So they finally got together. Woohoo. I will say their first kiss was arguably the sexiest first kiss I've seen in looooong time. I'm hoping they do something to shake things up (which, shouldn't that have been in the season finale?) more. I'm over the whole Cary hates Alicia thing. Grow up, Cary. He's got a lot of potential as a really interesting character, so let's not put him in the game of being a pawn in the Peter/Alicia battle.

For my summer pleasure, I am excited about the following:

White Collar:
FINALLY!!! At least I only have to wait until the first week of June for that one. My family will finally have clean clothes.

Burn Notice:
Another FINALLY!! Still, I think it's rude to make me wait until June 23rd to find out what it's going to look like for Michael being back in and what his relationship with Fiona will look like now that they're coming to grips with their relationship. (Get married and have lots of babies!!!)

Royal Pains:
I think USA is purposely tormenting us by staggering these premieres because I have to wait until June 29th. Let's see what happens next in these new chapters of everyone's lives. Come on, Divya!

Warehouse 13:
I don't know if I want to keep watching. We'll see July 11. If Myka is really gone, then so am I. *sniff*

Fairly Legal:
This was supposed to be a summer one, but it says that they're delaying until 2012.  

Now, I would completely have harsh words for USA over the delay of another great (but sadly unappreciated show), except I'd like to point out something from my list. Did you notice that out of all the shows I watch, USA has the majority?

Here's why, and here's why the other shows I watch keep me coming back: they all have an ongoing mystery thread not solved in each episode. And when one thread gets resolved, another opens. But the show isn't all about the mystery thread (which, sadly, is why The Event didn't do so well). All of these shows (except for The Event) have stand-alone episodes that feed into the ongoing mystery.

What's on your TV watching agenda?


Jana said...

I'm seriously super excited that our beloved Chuck is coming back, albeit on Fridays instead of Mondays.

But you know, NBC is notorious for cancelling shows with huge cliffhangers. I don't know if you ever watched the show Las Vegas but they cancelled it when the cliffhanger was Delinda, who was pregnant, started hemmoraging at a funeral for a man who turned up alive just before the episode went off. And then that was it. No reconsiliation for Delinda, no explanation for the guy who they thought was dead. No nothing.

And if CBS hadn't picked up Medium after NBC cancelled it, we'd have been left with Allison (the lead character) in a coma after having had a stroke during brain surgery to remove a tumor.

NBC is mean.

Also, a couple of the summer shows I'm lookig forward to is USA's Covert Affairs and TNT's The Closer. Yay for summer shows! :-D

Danica Favorite said...

I stopped watching Las Vegas a while back, but BOO on them for doing such a horrible thing.

You're right, NBC people are mean, nasty jerks! :)

I forgot about Covert Affairs! Another GREAT USA show. I'll be watching that one too.

My family will have lots of clean laundry this summer. If any more good shows come up, I may even take up ironing.

Oh, and I also forgot to mention that the other thing I love about these shows is that they've all got great characters. LOVE the ensembles they've come up with.

Denise Miller Holmes said...

I like The Closer, and Psych (a USA show). Psych is my favorite. I have also taken up watching Chuck, thanks to a Chuck evangelist whose initials are Danica Favorite.

smithsk said...

I'm with you on Castle. Kate can't be dead! I'm just waiting for Castle to say to her - Kiss me, Kate!