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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

More on that kicking and screaming thing

So picture, if you will, a romantic dinner at a fondue restaurant to celebrate our 12th anniversary. A wonderful meal, followed by a romantic walk. Then, since we had the babysitter a while longer, we decided to take a drive.

Next thing I know, we're heading toward this shopping center. I asked hubby why we were going there, and he said, "There's a Verizon store here."

And then I knew.

The man spent the evening wining and dining me to butter me up because he was going to make me face the inevitable. Yes, friends, I bought a new phone. The switch to hubby's phone was not successful. Compared to my older phone, it was an even bigger piece of crap. And hubby said I couldn't have my old phone back. So I got a new phone.

My new phone. It has a case and a cover and all the stuff to protect it, but it's blue with a black case. I got the kind that slides so you can text easier. I figured if I'm going to be shoved into the information age, I might as well have something to make the information age easier.

I will say that it is very pretty. Much prettier than my old phone. I miss my old phone still. And, for those of you who are wondering, according to the Verizon guy, I got my last phone in July 2004. I think I traumatized the poor guy with my angst over a new phone.  I told him that he really earned his pay with me today.

So there it is. How my husband romanced his way into making me get a new phone. I may or may not be happy about this. I had no idea how many difficult decisions were required of me in choosing this phone. Way too much stress for me.

Speaking of stress... my old ringtone is not available on the new phone. I don't like the ones that come on my new phone. So I visited the Verizon ringtone store and I am overwhelmed by my choices.

The change is going to kill me....


Denise Miller Holmes said...

Apparently, there are a lot of things that are going to kill you this summer! I am glad you got your shiny new phone. You deserve a new phone, Danica. What your hubby did was really sweet. :)

Jana said...

Awe (((Danica))) ;-)

Hope you recover from this trauma soon. Who knows, once you get used to it, you may come to love it! hehe