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Monday, February 06, 2012

I will no longer be obedient!!!

I watch the movie, Ella Enchanted, over and over, just for that part. Okay, it's a great movie. But there's something about that moment, when she takes control over her life and refuses to accept the curse that's been on her, that puts a fire in me.

Today, I joined Pinterest. As I started importing friends from other social media sites, I looked at the list and realized that I don't enjoy some of their posts. Some of the names made me cringe when I see them because their posts on other sites really bother me.

I've always done the polite thing, friended people back, put them on my list, and then allowed myself to be bombarded with messages that I don't enjoy. Which was why I wasn't sure I wanted to be on Pinterest too.

Then it occurred to me. I don't HAVE to follow them. And I pictured the scene where Ella takes control and decides to no longer be obedient. I will no longer be obedient to that voice inside me that insists on doing the polite thing and automatically following people.

It was such a relief to look at the list of names and tell myself, "I don't have to follow so and so," then NOT follow them. Even better, I didn't even go through my whole list of names. Not because I didn't want all of my friends on there, but because I just wanted to look at pretty pictures for a while. So I did.

There is power in choosing your destiny. Even if it's as simple as deciding not to bring in social media acquaintances who don't add value to your life.

Is there something in your life that you no longer need to be obedient to?


Danica/Dream said...

I should add... that just because I don't follow you doesn't mean I don't like you. I don't always know when someone I like is on a site, so please don't assume I'm not following you because I don't like you. :)

Evangeline Denmark said...

You make an excellent point. I've been thinking a lot lately about all the noise of FB and Twitter. Not that it's all bad and not that it's wrong to market ourselves or support others. I just want to make sure that when I retweet or link to something, it's because I really and truly find it valuable. Not because I feel obligated to scratch someone's back so they'll scratch mine. Oh, and I love that moment in Ella Enchanted too.