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Monday, February 27, 2012

If you give Danica a box of pictures...

Have you ever read If you give a Mouse a Cookie or any of the other "if you give" titles by Laura Numeroff? If you've got little ones, they're definitely fun books. AND, you'll have a great picture of what my life is like.

Friday, I went to my FIL's house to drop off some cookies he'd ordered for the girls' school fundraiser. He's working on a major clean out the house project, so he gave me...

A big box of pictures! (I opened it)

Which made me think about the unfinished hallway project. I'd textured it with the intent to paint, but couldn't ever get the motivation to paint. My plan was to arrange pictures of all the kids on the wall, except I didn't have any pictures of my stepkids from when they were little- the eternal problem of the stepparent- we don't have any of their baby stuff. Well, all of these pictures from my FIL just happened to be their baby pictures...

I took it as a sign!

I needed to paint the hallway so I could FINALLY have a wall with all the kids' baby pictures and pictures growing up. 

Mid-project. Going from texture to color!!

But as I was painting, I noticed something curious... Well, two somethings.

Look at my ugly light fixture and lack of molding!!

When we bought this place 4 1/2 years ago, they had updated a few things, but not everything, and they had only painted a couple of the rooms. So I've slowly been working on transforming it into a prettier place. My only problem is that I STINK at trim, so I have a few oopses on the ceiling (which I really should paint!... see how a simple thing leads to more projects!). But I was also thinking about my mad lust for crown molding, and now I've decided that I NEED crown molding. And a new light fixture.

The great dilemma

In addition, when I was originally texturing the hallway, I had just enough leftover to do one wall of my bedroom. The walls in the house are really flat and old, so everything has to be retextured. I'd wanted to do the whole bedroom, but hubby wouldn't let me, er, wouldn't move the furniture so I could. So this represents the one wall I COULD do. Now that I've painted it, you can see my dilemma. My closet doors clash with the wall. It's worse in person than in the picture. Which leads to me now having to do something about that! (In addition to getting the rest of the bedroom painted.)

My closet options are:
a. paint the doors white
b. paint the doors the accent color for the other wall, which will be green
c. As you can see, the closet is set back with a weird pillar separating each set of doors. Once upon a time, Hubby thought it would be nice to move the closet doors forward, turning weird unusable space into more closet space.

I discussed these options with Hubby, who nixed item c (which I really like) because I've given him too many projects lately and he doesn't want more. Still, even if I can convince him that I'm right, I still need a closet door color.

So that's how a simple thing like giving me pictures turns into a major project. And no, I haven't gotten them hung yet. This took all of my time I should have been doing laundry and cleaning spare time for the weekend. Plus, I keep finding really cool projects on Pinterest that I want to incorporate into my super cool family wall.

Do your "simple projects" turn into something way more complicated? And, since I have a captive audience, what color should I paint my closet doors?

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Jana said...

White. Go for white closet doors. They're classic, crisp and clean. AND, if you ever decide to change wall colors they won't clash! :)I bought my house with a list of things I wanted to do. Some I've been able to do, some I haven't and likely won't be able to do. Some I just haven't mustered the energy to tackle yet. lol But a home is ever evolving so just do what I do and take your time. Lord willing, the house will still be there whenever you get around to it. :-D