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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Lucky 13!!

Happy Anniversary to my hubby!!

Thirteen years ago today, I said, "I do." Some days, I wish I'd said, "I don't." But most days, I'm really glad I did!

And, in celebration, here are thirteen things I love about my hubby:

1. He's been there through my ups and downs, even at times I don't want to be around me.
2. He acknowledges that The Dog is the Supreme Ruler and holds #1 in my life.
3. He laughs at all of my jokes, especially when I threaten him with death.
4. He still lets me have life insurance on him, despite my many death threats.
5. He's a good dad and very active in our kids' lives.
6. He likes adventure, and someday our adventures will be someplace really cool.
7. He gives me the freedom to roam the country with my friends. (Even though the dog misses me terribly)
8. He works hard to have me home with the kids. And with the Dog.
9. He understands my need for personal space.
10. He believes in me, even when I don't believe in myself.
11. He understands that when I tell him he stinks, it's nothing personal, and goes and takes a shower.
12. He thinks I'm the sexiest woman alive.
13. After all this time, he's still glad he married me.


Snookie said...

Love your reasons and find it very cool that the dog features prominently in them :)

Danica/Dream said...

Thanks! The dog is happy that he features prominently as well. :)