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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Because some people need a new hobby...

Sorry, I've been saying that a lot, especially tonight, and had to use it again. Anyway, Jessica tagged me because she is curious as to the contents of my purse. Nothing exciting, I can assure you.

The examination of my purse definitely illustrated the need to clean it out. Ugh. I haven't gotten to that post-tax season project. Oh well, I'll just add it to the list.

Here it is: My lovely Ann Taylor Loft purse. I adore Ann Taylor. Sadly, it's not often in the budget.

The trash in my purse. Not all of it is trash. I have to sort it. Of note is promotional material for the job, grocery store receipts, wedding favors, school programs, church programs, phone messages, pay stubs, envelopes from pay check, and activity reports from work. Exciting stuff.

Ahhh... here we are... the goods. The mystery of what this particular woman keeps in her purse. Men, take note. This is a sacred shrine few every get the opportunity to view. Moving clockwise from the top, we have... index cards. Doesn't everyone keep index cards in their purse? In my case, I had grand visions of using them to memorize Scripture, and while I do occasionally look at them, well, it's more off than on. The dark brown thing with stuff sticking out of it is my wallet. The stuff sticking out are checkbooks. I just finished out one checkbook and am on a new one, but am carrying the old one until those checks clear. On top of the wallet is a scrunchie. A must have for people with lots of hair. Next to the wallet is my planner (mostly covered by my journal). You can see papers sticking out of it-it's got a neat feature-those little black things are semi sticky, so you can keep invitations and things right handy. In the middle, you see a pretty book with flowers. Okay, so I'm not going exactly clockwise, but you know what? It's my blog, doing it this way makes sense to me, so there. Anyway. That pretty book is my journal. If you look closely, it even says journal on it. Mostly, it's a lot of notes-sermon notes, notes to myself, story notes, phone numbers, thoughts, anything I need to write. I even have a few pages I let the kiddos draw on to keep them occupied when I had no other alternative. Also notice that the journal is spiral bound. This is very important. I must have lined, spiral bound, pretty journals. I've had this one since Sept. 2006. It's almost time for a new one. Also, notice that in the spiral of the journal is a pen. Part of why I need a spiral is to hold the pen. That way, I can always find it. I'm a genius, I tell you, genius. On top of the journal is my purse Bible. I used to get irritated because I wanted a Bible and didn't have one handy, so I invested in this little beauty. It's an ESV, which is an easy to read version. This is my only ESV Bible, so I use it a lot to compare with my other versions. On top of the Bible is my daughter's glove. She gave it to me a while back, and there was a really cute reason why she wanted me to have it. I forget the story, so now I just have the glove. Also on the Bible is a granola bar. I often get super busy and forget to eat until I'm nearly sick with hunger. Always carrying some form of sustenance helps cure that. But who am I kidding? I'm a mother to a pack of vultures, so they usually eat it before I get to it. Next is my phone. Enough said.

The clear plastic bag next to it is my drug bag. Again, probably pointless that I have it, but I guess it makes me feel better. The little blue thing in it is a coin purse that I use to carry loose pills like Tylenol. The medicine bottle is my migraine medicine. The pink thing overlapping my migraine meds is lip gloss. Above it is a white thing-that's my allergy nasal spray. Next to the lip glass is a tampon. Self explanatory, I'm sure. On top of the tampon is a packet of vitamins. Below the vitamins, I have a blue mechanical pencil and a pen. Underneath that, though you can't see it, are my allergy eye drops.

So why is my drug bag pointless? Well, because of my herd of terrorists. My pill bag is usually empty because the baby likes to get into it. Migraine meds, I have them, but they make me loopy so I only take them when at home or if hubby's driving. Allergy nasal spray. I pay fifty bucks for that stuff, and the other day, while I was in the shower, baby dumped it out all over the table and was tracing patterns with her fingers in it. Lip gloss. Everything inside the bag is slimy because the baby, thinking she was smart about sneaking my lip gloss, took it, used it, didn't close it tightly enough, and it leaked. Tampon. I have to replace them faster than I can use them because the baby likes to hand them out as party favors. If she's in my purse, I can guarantee she's into my tampons and is handing them out to someone. Vitamins. HA! I don't know why I have them. I always intend to take them, but never get around to it. Pencil and Pen. Actually useful. I put them there so I always have one handy, but I usually forget they're there. Eye drops. See note on nasal spray.

OH! I should have looked through it before describing it. On the side facing the ground, I also have a single serving of crystal light drink mix (for when I'm bored with my usual plain water), medicated lip balm, and clear lip gloss.

Missing from the purse picture is my camera (because I was using it) and a bottle of water (because I'd just finished it).

So there you have it. All you ever wanted to know about my purse and then some.


The Rock Chick said...

Thank you!!!!! I wasn't sure about this contest when I got tagged for it, but I have to admit, I am totally enjoying seeing what other people have in their purses.

I laughed about your "drug bag". I got tagged on a good day because I had actually just cleaned out my purse on Sat. nite looking for a pen. Couldn't find one of course, but when I pulled out all my bottles of tylenol, motrin, hormones, migraine meds, blah, blah, blah, I thought...I really should hide this stuff in a bag or something.

Thanks for sharing and playing!!!!!

Jessica The Rock Chick

Jana said...

LOL Dream! Your purse is as bad or worse than my mother's. ROFL

I keep mine pretty clean most of the time. Wallet, three sets of keys, calculator, aleve, advil liqui-gels, antacids, small picture holder thingy, some hair and feminine products in a black "bag", an assortment of lip stuff (balm, gloss, stick)my phone and whatever book I'm reading. Oh, and gum. I've recently started carrying gum. Oh, and a little package of tissues.

Okay, so I obviously have more in there than I thought I did but still...;-)

Cool idea, though. And cute bag. But how do you fit it all in there??? hehehehehehe

Tori Lennox said...

Did you see last night's VM????

Suzanne said...

That was interesting.... Really! I'd hate to say all that's in mine. Too much trash! I never clean it out!

Danica/Dream said...

Glad you liked it Jessica!

Jana, I try to keep it clean. *sigh* It's sort of like my house. And then the vultures get to it.

Tori, VM is an extremely sore subject right now. It mysteriously did not get recorded. I want to shoot something.

LOL Suzanne! Good to see you!