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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Things that make me vomit

We'll forget that I'm on medication that makes me vomit.

Yes, I am talking about the return of my beloved Veronica Mars.

The Veronica/Piss thing is really irritating. I can't believe I had to watch the replay of them kissing. Then, her indecision thing... ICK. Allow me to explain my position, since the writers of VM apparently do not understand. Piz=Piss. Piss=the foul waste that comes out of your body. Veronica does not belong wallowing in piss. Veronica belongs with Logan. While I think my beloved Rob Thomas is one of the most brilliant plotmasters on the planet, he apparently does not understand romance.

I did, however, enjoy the re-introduction of Deputy Leo. Even though Veronica does NOT need another romantic quagmire, I really like this character. Maybe we'll hook him up with Parker and then Logan and Veronica can FINALLY get back together. After we kill off Piss. Seriously, the guy has got to go. He has irritated me from day one. Actually, Parker irritates me too. Maybe she and Piss can drive off a cliff or something. So we need a nice girl for Deputy Leo. NOT Veronica.

Have I mentioned that Veronica and Logan belong together and I will not accept any other resolution?


Suzanne said...

So you are saying you don't like Piz? :)

Jana said...

LOL Poor baby. Doncha just hate it when they screw up perfectly good romances? I felt that way about Gilmore Girls when they split up Lorelei and Luke and put her with Christopher. LOL

Jana said...

BTW Hope you're feeling better soon, hun. (((hugs)))

Tori Lennox said...

Aw, c'mon, Danica, tell us how you REALLY feel! *g*

I have to admit I don't really care for the Veronica/Piz pairing either. I agree that she belongs with Logan. But if not with Logan then I wouldn't mind her getting back together with Leo.