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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #34: Valentine's Chocolate Edition

Thirteen Things about Valentine's Day Chocolate

It's a VDay Standard... but do you know what's good?

1. Tim Tams. Technically only available in Australia (but really, how romantic would THAT be to have a guy go all the way there to get you chocolate), however, my good friend found them for sale at Cost Plus World Market under the name Arnott's biscuits.
2. Dagoba Organic Chocolate. YUM!! Not only is it good for the earth, but good for you, too! The lavender is my favorite.
3. Chocolate dipped fruit. Doubly good for you.
4. Godiva. Need I say more?
5. Chocolate Fondue.
6. Chocolate body paint. For the adventurous. Personally, I'd go with real melted chocolate, because the stuff you buy for the body tastes a little like plastic.
7. Hot chocolate. Made the real way, on the stove, with milk. None of that powder stuff, tyvm. Topped with whipped cream.
8. M&Ms... while not pure chocolate, I have a weakness for the peanut ones.
9. Chocolate covered pretzels. I love the chocolate/sweet/salty combo.
10. Ghirardelli. Again, I don't really need to say much more, except I'll be in San Fransisco in July, and you can bet that'll be one of my stops.
11. Chocolate covered espresso beans. There's a great place in SD that makes 'em.
12. Chocolate dipped biscotti. Goes great with tea.
13. Really, any good quality dark chocolate will do.

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Christa said...

Chocolate covered pretzels are my favorite. Also love Dagoba. Happy TT!!

Melanie said...

My kind of post!! Anything with chocolate gets my attention..LOL!

Happy Valentine's Day!

(M)ary said...

i had a chocolate muffin with chocolate frosting for Valentines Day. (-: yum.

Unknown said...

What a yummy list...Loved it!

Delia said...

I sooo agree with #13! Well, I agree with all of them but definitely #13.

Amber Gilchrist said...


Danica Favorite said...

I had a feeling this would be a popular post!

Harris Channing said...

Yeah, chocolate is one of the best things ever created. I think I'll go scour the kitchen for M and Ms!

Have a great one!


Kate Walker said...

Hi Sweetie

I'm not a choclate person - yes - I know that's shocked you!

What's sweeter to me than any chocolate is friendship and I just wanted to say HI and {{{{hug}}}} my friend

Miss you


Anonymous said...

I vote for #11. Mmm...

Danica Favorite said...

KATE!!! I miss you too, dear one! I will see you this summer, right?

Heather, #11 is quite good, but I can only do it in small doses. :)