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Friday, December 05, 2008

Because I wasn't clear about the goat

It gets its own post. :)

You don't give a goat to someone, you buy a goat through World Vision, who gives it to a needy family, and you give your friend or loved one a card saying that you bought a goat for a family in their name. Basically, rather than spending $75 on a light up Santa sweater that your loved one will probably never wear, you can spend the money on a goat that your loved one will also never wear, but the goat will be used to bless others in a country where hope is desperately needed.

World Vision has a whole catalog here. If for some reason, you don't like goats or the other suggestion I gave, they have a whole slew of great things you can give that'll help someone else and bless them for years to come.


kalea_kane said...

Danica, my coworker's family did this last year. Instead of everyone buying eachother a 20 dollar gift they all pooled that money and bought the animal of the month plan through World Vision. It is just such an amazing thing. I am so glad you posted about it. It is a good reminder for me to do the same.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Danica Favorite said...

That's a cool idea too!

Goats for everyone! Every month!

Tracy said...

My hubby and I are doing this in lieu of giving gifts to each other this year. Next year, we hope to do even more. We've sponsored a child for nine years now, and have given to WV for Christmas before, but never as much as this year. It feels good to do something that really matters. Blessings!