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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I am not the Queen of the Universe

Does that depress you as much as it depresses me?


So I'm the only one who thinks I should be the Queen of the Universe.

Can I just ask why I wasn't included when they started taking applications? And who are "they" anyway? And do "they" really know who is suitable to be Queen of the Universe?

I think not.

Otherwise, I would be the Queen of the Universe.

Which means I would get everything I wanted, right?

But would that make me have responsibilities and stuff?

Maybe I'll have to think about this Queen of the Universe thing, just in case "they" finally get around to nominating me.


Anonymous said...

Don't tell the dog... you are not because he believes you are

Danica Favorite said...

Well, at least the dog recognizes my Queenly state.

jayedee said...

tell you what......
you can be the queen of YOUR universe and i'll be the queen of MY universe and everyone is happy, k?

happy new year! my tt is up over at the lost world. i intend to carry on the tradition and hope you'll join me!

Jan Parrish said...

It's good to be queen/ :)

Jessica Nelson said...

My post today is about being Queen of cliche.
Our universes must be aligned...just kidding. :-)

Good questions though. It would be nice to be Queen with no responsibilities. I could totally handle that.