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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Regifting Dilemma

I am very nearly done with my Christmas shopping. When I say very nearly, I mean that I have just a couple of gifts to buy. Namely for my sister and sister-in-law.

I should explain that they live about four hours away. My sister and I have not really gotten along very well, and frankly, from the conversations I have had with her, I can't say that we have all that much in common. Honestly, I don't even know what she'd want or not want.

Then we have my SIL. Nice young gal. Barely know her. In case you haven't figured it out, I don't exactly spend a lot of time in my hometown. From what I do know about her, the only things I can think of are things NOT to get her.

So today, my mom and I were talking about Christmas and how it stinks to buy presents for people just for the sake of buying them a present. It just seems to be completely misrepresenting the spirit of the season. And yet, we all do it. I will also admit to being one of those people who put a lot of energy and thought into the gifts I give. So it's killing me that I have no idea what to get them. I have asked around, as discreetly as possible, about what I could get them. Everyone faces the same dilemma.

Just a bit ago, I went downstairs to dig through my holiday junk and I found two of those Christmas bath sets. I realized that they were things I'd been given last year, and because I am allergic to most of that stuff, I put them aside to find someone to pass them on to. And then forgot. So here it is, Christmas, and I have to admit, I was tempted to take the easy way out and get them both bath sets or candles or something. And what pops up, unused, in my office? Two bath sets.

How rude would it be for me to give them to my sister and SIL as Christmas gifts?

If it's too rude, what should I do with them, because I will honestly never use them?

And if that idea isn't a good one, does anyone have any idea what I can give them? I really would like to give them something good, something thoughtful, and something that doesn't scream, "you obviously don't know me very well at all, do you?"



kalea_kane said...

Oh girl! This is so tough! I have no problem with getting a regift from someone as long as I didn't give it to them first. Heck I have borrowed things from friends before that they didn't like but I did. :) I always appreciate bath sets. Unless the fragrance is gross, I am probably going to use it up. If you don't regift the bath sets, maybe just go to Bath and Body works and buy some nice lotions. It is winter time...we all need to keep moisturized.
I don't think I am helping much.
:( Sorry Danica. I feel ya.



Merry Christmas!

Danica Favorite said...

And it really is a dry winter here... maybe I will do that...

Nell Dixon said...

I've made up grocery baskets for people if I'm not certain of their tastes, everybody needs tea, coffee, creamers, biscuits, jams, honey, mustard, good vinegar or oils.

siteseer said...

I think regifting is perfectly ok. So long it isn't from the person that gave it to you. Personally, whatever I buy I tape the gift receipt to the package. Please don't waste my hard earned money....if you don't like it then return it and get something you like.

Jana said...

I'm all for regifting if you think the gift will suit the next recipient better than it suited you.

Best wishes on figuring it all out. (((Dream)))

Jan Parrish said...

If it's something you know that person will love then it's OK to give it to them. But, if it's going to be a dud, keep looking. Then if you have a friend that needs a pick up, give it to them or take it to someone in the hospital.