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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #75: Best Friends Edition

I spend one Thursday a month with my best friend. We both have crazy-busy lives, and because my hubby wouldn't buy a house close to her, and her hubby wouldn't buy a house close to us, we only get to see each other once a month. Her day off is Thursday. Thankfully, it coincides with my day off. Love how God works that out. :)

The best part of our friendship is that our little girls are the same age. And they're best friends, too!

1. Our youngest daughters were born two months apart. I was there, pregnant, when she had her daughter, so I tell my daughter she was there for V's birth.

2. When we were pregnant, we both wanted boys. Were crushed when they were girls. And now, wouldn't trade our girls for anything.

3. Really prayed for our kiddos to be bffs. Amazingly (because such plans never work out) they are. Our two girls are so much alike and absolutely adore each other.

4. Hearing her struggles with her daughter is such a blessing to me, because my little one is so unlike my older one and definitely not at all like me. She reminds me that my daughter is normal, and not a terrorist disguised in princess clothes. Okay, I'm still convinced Homeland Security is watching our house because of her, but I'm at least convinced she no longer presents an imminent threat to the population at large.

5. Today, when I was picking up the living room at her house, I discovered that one of the kids had colored all over her brand-new couch. I, of course, freaked out, knowing that my daughter has been known to do such things. I went to her, apologizing all over the place. She freaked out, because she thought it was her daughter. We had to sit the girls down and figure out who it was. I have to admit to being really glad it was her daughter. :)

6. My daughter gets all dressed up in her most princess-y dress to visit them. Today, it was ballerina gear. We showed up to her daughter being dressed up in a flamenco costume. Love it!

7. Neither of our girls could say the other's name right when they were little, so they both call each other really bizarre names, even though they could probably do it correctly now.

8. Our girls both have the Sleeping Beauty Barbie. Neither can say her name, which is Aurora (a bit of princess trivia for you), so they call her by names they can say: Honora and Allora.

9. The girls are complete shoe freaks. Both of them. The good news is that my daughter is petite and hers is a lot taller, so we get a lot of the hand-me-downs.

10. Even though our daughters are the most high-maintenance creatures you will ever meet, they are also the kindest people we know. Crazy.

11. No matter how long it's been since we've seen each other, whenever we get together, it's like no time has passed- for us and the girls.

12. Since we both have similar parenting philosophies, and are often dealing with similar struggles, we often give each other advice that helps come at it from a different, but complementary way.

13. Add all of it up, and we always end up having a great time!


The Bumbles said...

At what age does it become frowned upon to wear costumes to visit friends? I wish we never reached that age - I'm jealous of those 2 girls :0)

Janet said...

That's awesome! I spent a bit of each Tuesday with my best friend from high school, and tho our lives were different, we still get along :-)

Anonymous said...

I think it's natural for the children of friends to get along. All my best childhood friends came from the children of my mother's circle of friends.

Janet Spaeth said...

I have the same relationship with my best friend and her family. There are so many similarities in our lives that we can sort of morph and slide in and out of each other's life. Our kids are good friends, and our hubbies were too.

Ah, best friends!

Jessica Nelson said...

So cute. It's nice that you have a best friend to hang with.
My two year old wrote all over my kitchen tile today. Luckily it washed off.
However, my four year old recently learned how to write his name. Consequently there's a few, beautiful ink M's on my wall. Not so easy to get off.
Sounds like you had a great time! :-)

Jan Parrish said...

What a beautiful friendship!