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Friday, January 07, 2011

Dreams... coming true and letting go

Since my last post, I've spent most of my days in bed praying for death. Yeah, my daughter gave me her nasty virus as a lovely little Christmas present. The good news is that when I went to the doctor's, he gave me The. Best. News. Ever.

No, I'm not pregnant. Hubby would have a heart attack and die and he won't let me have enough life insurance on him to make it worthwhile.

See, I have a huge problem with nausea. Once nausea hits, I'm done for, and it usually ends with a trip to the ER. I am allergic to most of the anti-nausea medications out there, and the only one that works is not covered by my insurance. And, at $60 a pill, it's cheaper to go to the ER. Yes, America, that is health care at its finest. Anyway, the doctor told me that said medication was reclassified by the FDA, is now available in generic, AND!!!! My insurance now covers it!! So, I got a whole bottle of my favorite miracle drug for $15 and I was able to get through the virus without a trip to the ER. YAY!!!

Trust me, this is a dream come true.

But that wasn't the only dream come true. For Christmas, hubby bought me the library catalog software and barcode scanner I've been wanting FOREVER. If you were part of my great cataloging software debate, I finally decided on Book Collector. I ended up trying every program that had a free demo, and even though it's not perfect, I liked it best. I have a barcode scanner, can scan the book, and it pretty much populates everything for you. The other thing I like is that it has an app so I can have it on my iPod. No more buying duplicate books! I think. I hope.

I have not gotten everything cataloged yet. I decided that since I was cataloging, I was going to organize. Be afraid. Be very afraid. The extremely type A portion of my personality is singing all kinds of happy songs. So I'm organizing, and then once everything is where I want it, I will catalog.

The other upside of this organization plan is that I'm finding lots of duplicates and *blush* triplicates. I have two boxes of books that I will be distributing to my book-loving family and friends. And um, I'm not done organizing yet.

All of these dreams coming true have given me space to think about new dreams, and the direction I want to keep heading in. I've always said that I want a library like the one in the movie, My Fair Lady. I still do. Today, author Christine Trent visited Keli Gwyn's blog and posted pics of her library. And well, that will be the next goal for my library. :)

With all of these library plans, I do have to admit that I am letting go of a dream we have had for a long time. When we bought this house, it was with the plan of knocking out the back wall to give me a bigger kitchen, master bath, and an office that's not in the basement. Well, now that hubby thinks he's a cowboy, and my little girl's horse fever isn't abating, I think we're going to look at a new house instead of adding on to this one. Because, you see, at some point, we're going to have to buy a horse. Which means getting a place that has room for one. But hey, that's the bargaining chip for my library. They want a horse, I get a library. I think that's a fair trade, don't you?

Other dreams... well, we're working on them. And I'll share more about that soon.

What dreams in your life are coming true or are being reshaped?


Keli Gwyn said...

Danica, isn't Christine's library something special? I hope you get one you love.

Camy Tang said...

Does this mean you're going to get a Pygora goat???????
Your fiber-loving friend Camy

Danica/Dream said...

Yes it is Keli! So glad you had her as a guest.

Pygora goat?! Heck, if they get a horse, I want me an alpaca!

Keli Gwyn said...

I have a local friend who raises alpacas. She loves to knit using yarn spun from their wool.