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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Highly Productive Weekend

I recently read something somewhere about how we need to take more time to relax and enjoy doing things without purpose. To just be. Well, this weekend was not one of those times. Although strangely, I feel more refreshed and happier had I spent the weekend doing nothing.

On my list of accomplishments:
1. Did laundry (not all of it, but I did wash two loads that I've been dreading).
2. Found the source of the stench in the basement (someone missed the toilet when puking and it dried up in the carpet) and cleaned it.
3. Cleared off a shelf in my closet, then moved the sweaters from my sweater drawer to the shelf and sorted my pjs from the pj drawer into two drawers. Yes, I have that many pjs. What can I say? I love pjs.
4. Cleaned all four of our bathrooms. You think you want multiple bathrooms until you have to clean all four.
5. Drove around looking at houses with family to inspire us for the great "get a new house" project.
6. Dusted the living room, family room and dining room.
7. Rearranged my china cabinet to make room for my new tea set.
8. Got rid of enough stuff to fill a whole box for Goodwill and a whole big can of trash.
9. Unpacked two big boxes of toys we'd taken away from the kids and put away all the toys (well, I supervised the kids doing it).
10. Re-organized the game closet.
11. Decided to paint the mantle in the family room to match the living room. Began the process by texturing the mantle. Will do primer, base coat, and other coats once it's dry.
12. Took the joint compound used to texture the mantle and used it to fill in the chipped corners on all of our walls.
13. Washed the outside of the washer and dryer (they were gross).
14. Starting cleaning off the top of the refrigerator.
15. Filed the past month's bills.
16. Upgraded Quickbooks (or Quicken, I forget which one I have).
17. Bought new items needed for the house.
18. Had a quality evening of family entertainment, then date night movie with hubby.
19. Started organizing paperwork for taxes.
20. Started taxes.

I think I just might be addicted to all this accomplishment stuff. I went to bed last night so jazzed about what I'd gotten done and excited about all the other things I want to do, and I couldn't sleep! I finally fell asleep sometime after 2:30. So I'm really tired. But super duper excited about all this organization and how great everything looks!

And seriously, once I get a nap in, I'm going to find another project to tackle. I have a list!!

What about you? How'd you spend your weekend? What do you do with your bursts of productivity?


Denise Miller Holmes said...

Although I am happy that you got this burst of energy and a lift to your self-esteem, to quote Kung Fu, "I think you learned the wrong lesson, grasshopper." :D

smithsk said...

Care to come over to my house and do more of the same? :) Wait ... I'm in another state.


Danica/Dream said...

Denise, I did learn the wrong lesson. :)

Susan, I have enough here to keep me occupied, I think.

Mandy said...

Okay, now I feel woefully inadequate. I was celebrating earlier because I managed to do three loads of laundry.


So it's safe to say I'm fairly jealous ;o)