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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The unTwitterable funny kid comment- sort of

The funny stuff my kids say tend to be Tweeted at an alarming rate. I just can't help myself. However, the other day, my kiddo said something I wanted to Tweet SO BAD, but couldn't, because I needed to give proper disclaimers.

My 10yo has a new curse word: Obama.

We were shopping, and chattering about different things, when out of the blue, she says, "Obama," just like you'd mutter a swear word. I asked her what that was about, and so she says, "well, Mom, Obama's pretty much screwed up this country, and he's ruining my chance of having a fun summer vacation, so that's the worst word I can think of."

And maybe I shouldn't, but I think it's funny that in today's world, my 10yo thinks that Obama is a worse word than say, the "f" word. Though I'm not sure if she knows what the "f" word is. She still thinks stupid is a swear word.

Now, before you think that I'm the kind of parent who shoves my politics down my kids' throats, please understand. We don't talk politics at our house. Mostly because I have family members who are aggressively passionate on both sides of the spectrum, and hubby and I have learned to just keep our mouths shut. When my kids asked who I voted for, the answer was, "none of your business." To be honest, I don't want to talk politics with my kids because those are the questions I don't know how to answer. There's such a disparity between reality and what I believe ideally that it isn't going to be an easy discussion. Nor one that gives my kids any answers. After all, I don't have any myself.

And no, I won't go further than that because then, I will get political, and that will get messy, and I don't want to get messy, k?

But here's the thing... as hilarious as I think it is that my 10yo says "Obama" is a swear word, many of my friends would be offended because they still think Obama is the best thing to happen to America since indoor plumbing. The other half of my friends would be having a party to show how even 10yo girls think Obama is the anti-Christ. And you know, it's neither. It's just a funny thing my kid said.

I hate that we have to be so polarized as a nation and that we can't talk about the things that matter to us without having to toss around the D word and the R word like racial slurs. Though it is still pretty funny that my daughter turned Obama into a swear word.


smithsk said...

My first thought is - Out of the mouth of Babes ....
That said - Things are very wrong. Obama and our country need our prayers.

Scot said...

Oh kids, good stuff.

Denise Miller Holmes said...

Very cute comment, and such kid-like thinking. I remember listening to adults talk about politics and drinking up every word. But when I got older, I realized there were opposite sides. When I was 8, I called Governor Ronald Reagan a jerk in front of my staunchly Republican grandparents. My parents had never told me not to repeat their opinions. In my 20s, I actually liked the old geezer (Reagan, President Geezer, that is.) Anyway, very cute comment. :D

Danica Favorite said...

Thanks! It was very cute!

Denise, that was probably very funny!