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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another dangerous thing to have in my head...

I give you Bookshelf P**n. Fill in the blanks yourself, because I don't want spammers bugging me. Even though they probably will anyway. Jerks. They really need new hobbies.

Anyway, it's really been a craptastical week. Started out amazing, but I just keep getting sucked under with a lot of ick. So, let's all go to my happy place, places filled with books! One day, I'll get to design my very own happy book place, and until then, let's use these for inspiration.

But because I am truly in a heinous mood and need to go to lots of happy places, here are some other inspirations for you:

Colorado Library Designer, Snowdon & Hopkins. I'd probably use these guys. I particularly like the first picture at the top.

Of course, my dream library is the library in the movie My Fair Lady (best movie of all time!). I couldn't find any specific pics of it, so if you have one, please send it to me. As a close second, if you read this blog post and scroll down, you can see the inspiration for it. Actually, that whole blog is really what I'd like to refer to as library crack, and much better than the site at the top of my blog post.

Now it's your turn- what's your dream library?

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