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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Church Lessons from my 7yo

As we have all figured out by now, my 7yo doesn't just dance to the beat of her own drummer, she's in a completely different band. Yesterday after church, as I was trying to converse with her about what she learned, I got to hear her interpretation of the lesson. It's very funny, and has no reflection on her teachers (I promise, Matt!)- she just processes differently.

Me: What'd you learn in church today?
Her: I don't know.
Me: Was there anything interesting in church today?
Her: Oh yeah. This girl was there talking.
Me: Which girl?
Her: The one who always wears boots. She's got dark hair and it's in a curly ponytail. I think her name is Chris or something.
Me: Do you mean Kristin?
Her: Yes.
(And, she's right. Kristin wears skinny jeans and boots a lot. She really knows how to rock them. So jealous of her fashion sense.)
Me: What did Kristin talk about?
Her: Well, she said a bunch of stuff. It was funny.
Me: What did she say?
Her: Well, she said blah blah blah, blah blah blah. Only she didn't say blah blah blah, blah blah blah. She actually used words.
Me: (Trying not to die laughing.) So what was so funny about what she said?
Her: She held up signs for us to laugh or clap or to (makes gasping sound) do that. I forget what that is.
Me: Gasp?
Her: Yes. Gasp.
Me: Do you remember what the story was about?
Her: Oh! It was about Jesus asking a guy to baptize him.
Me: Why did Jesus want to get baptized? (Note: We just did baptisms at church. I'm thinking we're about to enter into a deep, spiritual discussion about baptism.)
Her: (looooong sigh) Because when you get baptized it's like dying on the cross and then rising again. (I am thinking YES!!! She gets it!)
Her: (continuing) And Jesus is so sick of having to die on the cross every single year, and then having to rise again, and then having to be born again every Christmas. So now he's just going to get baptized so he doesn't have to keep doing it every single year.

(At which point, I am having to try REALLY hard not to die laughing, because she is truly indignant at how horrible it is for Jesus to have to die on the cross EVERY SINGLE YEAR. I mean really, he's sick of it, okay? So just stop making him do it already!)

This, my friends, is my world. Or her interpretation thereof.


Denise Miller Holmes said...

Poor Jesus.:(
Too funny!

Diane Marie Shaw said...

She may not have gotten the entire concept but she is thinking, and her thinking processes have brought her to the injustise of what Jesus suffered or in her case is suffering over and over. Kids minds are such an amazing thing. What in the world do we do to them to mess them up.

Anonymous said...
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