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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Tea Time: Good Companions

It is a waste to drink blooming tea alone
Today I am exhaustimificated. Yes, it's a real word, I made it up myself. The Dog woke me up at an hour where those who know me know that it is simply not safe to bring me to any state of consciousness. The Man did not let him out when he went to work, and so The Dog  made his displeasure known to me. The Man blames The Dog for not getting up, but we all know it is The Man's fault.

The point of this very very sad tale is that I've been so tired all day, and with a packed schedule because I'm back to crazy Tuesdays, I did not have time to think through today's post.

Which got me to thinking about one of the things I love about going to tea. Amazing companions who get it. I can assure you that my favorite tea companions understand that I am not human prior to about 9 am, 10 if I can help it. They understand that sigh of completeness upon taking that first important sniff of a long awaited cup of tea. They let you talk about the crazy things in your life. They don't try to have you committed for wondering what the best way to rob the bank across the street would be, or how a terrorist might attack the very place in which you sit. The perfect tea companion lets you knit while you sip. And the perfect tea companion understands that the correct answer to the question of scone is, "yes, please, with lots of clotted cream."

Who is your perfect tea companion?

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