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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I think they have the wrong idea...

I seriously meant to go back to my Tuesday tea time blogs. I have the ideas in my head. But right now, I am so tired that the Skillet song, Comatose, is playing constantly in my head. For some reason, that song in my head is the signal to go to bed!

Instead of hearing about great tea, let's talk about something else that's yummy- ice cream!

My MSN messenger that I'm signed in to for work had this article pop up. A group of ultra-conservative Jews vandalized an ice cream shop for being lewd. Apparently, licking an ice cream cone in public is immodest.

Me, I would break into an ice cream shop. But it would be because I want some of that frozen deliciousness all for myself! As for vandalizing, I think I would only do it if they were out of my favorite flavor.

So... if you had the opportunity to break into an ice cream shop, or *gasp* vandalize it, why would you do so?

And, okay, I would never break into or vandalize an ice cream shop, but let's pretend...

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