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Monday, October 24, 2011

Tuesday Tea Time: How I have missed thee, my beloved

A surprising find- yummy tea at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
I've been on this icky horrible nasty diet for the past couple of weeks, and one of the things I haven't been allowed to have is tea. Yes, my beloved tea. It was a horrible two weeks. And, in the spirit of honesty, I should admit that I did have tea twice. Once was herbal, and I think it was okay, but I'm not 100%, so I'll count it as a cheat. The other time, well, I had a tea date and I couldn't pass up real tea.

The thing I love about my tea love is that I can enjoy tea pretty much anywhere I go. Now there are teas that I don't like and would prefer not to have. But I'll drink it. And I'm usually surprised at what I find. Some teas have seductive flavor names that make you think you're getting a real treat but end up being real stinkers. Other teas aren't cleverly named, or are from a mass producer like Lipton or Tazo, and end up being absolutely delicious.

For me, tea is something I love that I can have no matter where I go. It's a simple pleasure that never fails to bring a smile. So to give it up for two horrible weeks, well... I may someday recover from the trauma. I think the point of giving up the tea was to give up the caffeine, but that's actually not what I love about tea. I usually drink decaf. I just love the warm drink and how it warms me everywhere.

Someday, I'll write an ode to my beloved tea, but for now this blog post will have to do.

Do you have a favorite food or drink that never fails to make you happy? What would you do if deprived of it?

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