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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm back!!!


Part of me feels compelled to add the bad version of beotches, because I remember seeing it in a movie and it was funny. Plus, to be perfectly honest, I've been in a mood that can only be described as a cross between hysterical, foul, and vainly trying to keep my chin up.

Here's the lowdown...

I've been having some trouble with my laptop, which is my primary computer. A few weeks ago, it got worse, and the main issue was with the screen. On a laptop, this is a big problem. It kept getting worse, until I was finally forced to accept that I needed to buy a new laptop. After lots of research, crowd-sourcing, and finally biting the bullet, I am now working on my new laptop. It is a HUGE adjustment, and for someone who doesn't like change, it hasn't been a lot of fun. However, I'm working really hard at trying to stay positive, so here's my list of ups and downs:


  • I had to transfer all of my files over. Just my documents and images took over 24 hours. I could not use my computer during this time.

  • Because it didn't transfer my email, I had to do that separately. Which took another 10 hours, then failed, then we tried again, which took another 6 hours. Yes, I have a lot of email. A lot of it is stuff I have to keep for work.

  • I also had to transfer my web stuff separately. Fortunately, this only took ten minutes. :)

  • All of my programs have to be re-loaded separately. I am still working on this. It's been a pain. I have to find old passwords, old logins, keycodes from purchases, etc. I know they say not to do this, but I am seriously considering putting together a notebook with all of this information in one place. If some dummy wants to rob my house and steal a notebook with all of my passwords in one place, they can have at it. It's not like they'll get anything great. Just my peace of mind, and I think I lost that a while ago. ;)

  • Learning a new keyboard, new keystrokes, and a new touchpad. I don't use a mouse. Number one, because I typically do use my laptop on my lap on the couch, and it's not conducive to using a mouse. Number two, I tend to get tendonitis in my mouse arm, and using a mouse makes it really bad. The point of all of this is to say that I keep messing up sooo much using this new touchpad, and I have to re-do almost everything I start. Like this post. Dagnabbit.

  • I really hated spending the money. Really. Really. Really.


  • I really am grateful for a new computer. It's new and nice and pretty.

  • I am VERY grateful that I had the money set aside to buy a new computer. And I'm grateful we could afford it. Even though I'd have liked NOT to have spent the money, I'm really grateful we had it.

  • My new computer is a lot faster than my old computer. It's been nice to have my usual large number of windows open without this thing getting bogged down.

  • My new computer is also a lot lighter than my old computer. Another plus.

  • So far, everything seems to be in perfect working order, and I'm really enjoying that. My old computer ran hot, and so far, this one doesn't, and I love that.

I'm thinking that in a month, I'll be on the other side of the learning curve and much happier. I don't like change, but I'm trying to embrace it as best as I can. How do you handle change? Any tips for making computer change easier?

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