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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Back on the wagon again...

[caption id="attachment_4236" align="alignleft" width="198"] photo courtesy of: http://www.sxc.hu/profile/african_fi[/caption]

My children are in school!!!!! This is me, dancing for joy. Um, okay, it's not REALLY me. I would not look good in that outfit, and I'm way too self conscious to do that sort of thing in front of others, let alone have my picture taken. Just saying.

And maybe I am jinxing myself here, since I actually am writing this the night before. But we are going to think really positive that the kids will be back in school and I will have my beloved schedule back!

I'm feeling really discouraged about my fitness level these days. Part of it is the realization that I gained instead of lost weight last year. Part of it is that my favorite jeans are not fitting the same (in a bad way). And part of it is that I know I need to be in better shape.

I abandoned my exercise program when the tendonitis in my hip got too bad. The doctor told me NOT to work out, so I didn't. But I'm feeling better, so now I have to get back on the wagon. To be honest, I've been waiting for them to go back to school until I started again. I have some great Kettlebell workouts (I'd say the name, but the last time I said it, I got tons of spam from them. Dudes, don't spam people that already have your system!) AND, I got a really fun Wii Just Dance game that I really like. I don't like doing them in front of my kids because I look stupid and they make fun of me. Actually, I don't like doing things like that in front of anyone.

To test my resolve, I logged back in to my haven't used in forever Sparkpeople account. I wasn't as horrified by the results as I thought I'd be. My calorie count was good, even though I ate like crap today, but I didn't get enough protein. And, I got to mark that I exercised since I did the dance workout while the kids were at piano. And, I drank the right amount of water. So I'm not being TERRIBLE. But it will feel good to get back into a routine and exercise again. Not that I like exercise. I hate it. But dancing is fun, and I kind of like the kettlebell thing.

How does your routine change when your kids go back to school?


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