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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Confessing my deep, dark secrets...

You'd better get the popcorn out for this one. Really.

I spent the evening watching cheesy teenage romantic comedies. Can I just say that they are my very favorite kind of movie? Really. I would rather watch a shallow movie with a simple plot and a guaranteed happy ending than anything else. I don't watch movies to think. I watch movies to escape.

High School Musical 1 & 2? Loved them. Hilary Duff movies. Ditto. I also, am ashamed to say, adore Lindsey Lohan movies when she was in her pre-skank phase. I watch them with a mixture of bliss and disgust. Bliss because they have the simple plotline and satisfying ending I crave, but disgust at how I'm sucked in to watch the latest and greatest teen movie. And yes, I also loved Not Another Teen Movie.

I'm sick, I tell you, sick.

Which is why, I'm sitting on my ever-widening rear, watching Bend it Like Beckham, wondering what snacks I've got hanging around.

So now that I've confessed... it's your turn...


Anonymous said...

Hmm. I don't find you to be sick. I haven't seen the High School Musical movies, but I used to really enjoy HIlary Duff's show Lizzie Maguire. And let's face it, I'm well past the tween stage. LOL! But I always thought she'd be a cool kid to have as a daughter. :)

Nell Dixon said...

I love teen movies too. One of my faves even though it's old now is Pretty in Pink with Molly Ringwald.

Heather said...

We watched spidy 3 this weekend. so long...and boring...didn't like it.
i didn't see the 2nd one.
pretty in pink--that's a classic. along with breakfast club.

Kay Day said...

I am sick with a dirty, rotten, no good, lousy cold and so I am fixin to watch Hannah Montana Life's What You Make It.
I haven't seen most of those you mentioned, though. Have you seen Bratz? Because when I saw the previews I was actually surprised that it looked pretty good. I can't stand the stupid dolls.

Danica Favorite said...

Tori, I haven't seen that one.

Nell, I need a link to visit you. :) I loved that movie.

Heather, I did like Spidy 3. It tied up some good loose ends from the other one. It probably didn't make as much sense if you didn't see 2.

Kay, I have the same cold. I want to die. I haven't seen Bratz. I'm morally opposed to those hideous dolls. ICK!

Kay Day said...

Sorry you are sick, too. Maybe we got it at the deli?

Let me know when you have time to get together again. It was fun!