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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Locks of Love

As many of you know, I usually have really long hair. What some of you don't know is the reason I have long hair. I've always had long hair, but when I went to college, my act of rebellion was cutting off my hair. I found out that my long hair could be used for an organization called Locks of Love. They use the hair to make hairpieces for children who lose their hair for medical reasons. Since I have fast-growing hair, I grew it out again, cut it again, and so on. I've sent a lot of hair to locks of love. If you've seen me with short hair, it's generally right after I've donated. This spring, I had a debate with myself about it. I'm starting to get gray, and with folks pointing it out, I've been self-conscious. I thought about coloring it, and then I realized, I wouldn't be able to donate any more. So I'm sticking with the gray. I've always felt that if I had something to give, then I ought to give it.

Now, please don't misunderstand and think I'm some super-spiritual being. HA! We went bowling after the haircuts, and my daughter said, "Mom! I'm kicking your @ss!" Guess who she heard that one from? Yep. Me. So I've still got a long way to go. But I figure, if I can share something that might encourage others to give even just a little something to help someone else, then I've done a good thing.

Maybe you don't have hair to give. But maybe it's something else. My daughter's school is doing a canned food drive. Do you have anything extra in your pantry? There's probably someone near you having a canned food drive. Or maybe it's a blanket drive like my friend Jan is having. I bet there's a homeless shelter near you that would appreciate it.

We tend to think of giving and changing the world as a really hard, really big thing. But really, if we all did what we could, even if it was just a little, we could make a huge difference. We'd change the world without realizing it.

Oh, and because they got haircuts too and they're so darn cute, here's one of the girlies. :)


Jan Parrish said...

I did that too - three years ago. I can't stand to have my hair that long now.

Looks great.

I will be at the book signing.You can bring your blankets then.

Thanks for the link.

tonya said...

You look great Danica! What a wonderful gift you have given.

dianne in colorado said...

Ditto Jan's comment! Locks of Love is such a neat organization and it was a pleasure donating to them. However, like Jan, once I cut off all of my long hair I realized how much I enjoy having it short and have never grown it long enough again!

I really like your new cut and have never noticed any gray!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Danica Favorite said...

Thanks guys!

I actually end up getting sick of having my hair short. I have to do more with it when it's short than when it's long, and because of how it grows, I can't go as short as you guys. I can't even have bangs. :(

Kay Day said...

It looks great! What a cool thing you are doing!
I am letting my gray grow out, (we'll see). Not for any noble reason, but trying to kick my vanity in the... what she said.

Julie said...

I do this, too! I've donated twice. I can never decide whether I like my hair better long or short, so I figure there's no reason to stick to one or the other anyway.

Everybody seems to think you can't donate colored hair, but it says right on their website that you can. It can't be bleached or chemically damaged, and I'd hazard a guess that they can't use hair that's blue or green, but a brunette hair dye wouldn't be a problem. It's like you can have your cake and eat it, too!

Danica Favorite said...

Julie, maybe so, I might look into it. It is fun to change hairstyles. :)