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Friday, November 09, 2007

Moments I love

With my hectic schedule, I usually get home after the kiddos are supposed to be in bed. I say supposed to because some nights, I get home, That Man is in a fetal position, holding his head, crying, "please, make them stop." Okay, not really. But close. Lately, though, with the time change, B has been falling asleep right around 8:30. Which means, I come home to a little girl sleeping in some odd place because she dozed off waiting for her momma.

I'll sit for the longest time, watching her. Who'd have thought that watching a child sleep would be the best form of entertainment? It amazes me. She amazes me. I wonder how something so incredible, something so beautiful, came from me. I don't know why God picked me to be their mom, but wow... I am so lucky.

I watch them and I think what miracles they are. How perfectly their bodies were formed. Every little mark, every cell, carefully placed by God. How can anyone set eyes on such a perfect creation and not believe in God? They are such little miracles. Beautiful, lovely miracles.

I love hearing them breathe, even when they snore. Their little bodies move. And occasionally, you see signs of their dreams, and wonder what thoughts might be going on in those amazing brains.

I love being a mom.


tonya said...

This is one of the greatest perks of motherhood. Seeing our children in their simplicity and purity. Great post Danica!

Danica Favorite said...

Thanks Tonya. It's good to have these moments to cling to during the not so good ones, that's for sure.

S. said...

Thanks for sharing. Children are indeed full of precious moments.

Jan Parrish said...

Ohhhh. I remember this well. I used to go and sit next to my children's bed and pray over them while they slept. There is nothing like it. Now when I pray over them, I picture these times. And I also include a prayer for my grandchildren who have yet to make their entrance into our world.

Treasure these moments as they are gone all too soon.

Danica Favorite said...

Yes they are, S.

Jan, I do that all the time. I love these little girls.

Jana said...

How precious they are! I love love LOVE the one with B. and the dog. Too adorable. ;)

Danica Favorite said...

Of course you'd like the one with the dog. :)