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Thursday, November 12, 2009

My big fat Barbara Mandrell confession

I'm going to blame my friend Jenny B. Jones for this one. Jen, who started the discussion on Twitter with her admiration of the great Barbara Mandrell. Yes, friends, I said great.

My childhood was spent enjoying many a pleasant evening watching her show with the Mandrell sisters. Seriously. I LOVED Barbara Mandrell. Back then, I had two aspirations in life: 1. To be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, and 2. To be Barbara Mandrell. In case you were wondering, I accomplished neither.

I was such a Barbara Mandrell fan that I planned on having 3 daughters when I grew up: Barbara, Louise, and Irlene. My daughters should spend the rest of their lives kissing the ground I walk on for not carrying out that one.

So there it is... my confession. Your turn. Who did you idolize as a kid?


Jana said...

LOL I was a big Barbara fan growing up, too. Watched the show, listened to the music, etc.

As you know, there are three of us girls in my family and we'd play pretend we were the Mandrel sisters. Being the youngest I was always Irlene, but I always WANTED to be Barbara. :-D

But I also grew up loving Dolly Parton. My folks had this double LP set of her greatest hits (from the late 70's early 80's I think) and I listened to it as constantly as my mother's nerves would allow since our only record player was in the living room. lol

Jenny B. Jones said...

I also totally idolized Carol Burnett. And John Ritter. Oh, and those Facts of Life girls.

Kay Day said...

I liked the Mandrel Sisters, too.
But who I really loved was Sonny and Cher!
And when I was older, Donny and Marie.
But Sonny and Cher were tops.
I would put a black slip on my head and pretend it was my long beautiful hair. I wonder if I would have loved her so much if she'd had short hair?
My sister had to be Sonny.