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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Catching up with the Scrapbooking times

I am a woman with the best of intentions. I've always loved scrapbooking, and even before it was popular, I'd make fun little scrapbooks with my photos.

So here I am, decades *sigh* later with thousands (yes, I said thousands, much to my shame) of dollars' worth of scrapbooking supplies, and I'm still not even through my 10yo's first year. And we've done some seriously fun things worthy of being in a scrapbook!

A few weeks ago, we had to get a new desktop since the old one is also about 10 years old and making funny noises. I realized the wealth of pictures on that computer and the fact that it's a shame they're just rotting on the computer, much like the ones we have rotting in boxes. Then, our local grocery store announced that they will no longer be offering photo developing services. Well, okay. That saves me from printing the thousands of photos on our hard drive- sort of.

Around that time, one of my friends, who is a scrapbook queen, said something about the fact that she does all of her scrapbooking online. Then, she has them print and ship the album to her. It occurred to me that with all of my good intentions, that might be a good idea. My kids love looking at pictures of themselves, and I'd love to have scrapbooks now rather than later.

So I'm asking my online friends- do you scrapbook? Do you prefer paper or online? What services do you like the best?


Keli Gwyn said...

Before I began writing, I scrapbooked. I still have a oodles of photos and supplies for traditional paper-and-pictures scrapbooking. All I need are more hours in my day. =)

Gina Conroy said...

I used to be a Creative Memories consultant but soon realized I couldn't scrapbook AND write. So the last six years I've been focusing on scrapbooking. Now that my mom's moved out, I moved all my supplies to her room...and I'm organizing and setting things up. I do intend to scrapbook the old fashioned way, but I think online, photo printing is a good option as well!!