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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Getting over lazy buying habits

I have a friend who likes to complain about how evil Amazon is taking over the universe. However, every time we talk about books and other items she's recently purchased, she always mentions that she bought it from Amazon. If they're so evil, then why do you buy from them???

It made her think. But then it made me think. Am I getting the best deals shopping at Amazon? Today, I went to buy Michael Hyatt's new book. I automatically started typing Amazon in my browser. Then I stopped because I noticed that he has listed a number of online bookstores carrying his book. Automatically, I assumed that Amazon would have the best deal. Wrong.

Out of the eight bookstores listed, Amazon's price was at the high end of the middle.

Because I am cheap, and refuse to pay shipping, especially on books, I looked for some others to add so that I'd get my free shipping. So I added some books to my carts. Amazon was STILL not the best deal. Which was counter my experience last Christmas, when I had to buy a TON of books (gifts... um, mostly) and Amazon DID end up being the better deal.

So which is it??

The truth is, it depends. And that's okay! If you're like me and want the best deals, then shop around. Or, if you have brand loyalty, buy from the brand that you prefer. What I learned today is that my automatic response to shop Amazon is pure laziness. I used to shop around, and from one result, figured Amazon was my best bet. So I developed the automatic habit, which, let's face it, was pure laziness, of typing in Amazon to buy everything. Now I will admit that the price differences I found were pennies... so you can decide, is it worth saving a few pennies to buy from the cheapest store?  Or, if you're like my friend, and wanting to shop based on your conscience, you can do so knowing that if you're paying a little bit more, it's just pennies.

I'm so glad Michael Hyatt gave links to multiple bookstores for his book.  It reminded me that as much as I get stuck in the same buying habit rut, I don't have to be. I have a choice where to buy things. When my friends complain about not having a choice, I can show them that they do. And, when I have some books to sell, thanks to Michael's example, I'll be posting multiple bookstores so you can have a choice too.

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